Getting Victory Over Depression

Depression…The Blanket Of Heaviness

If you are struggling with depression then you NEED to WATCH this video.

I know what it feels like to battle depression. It’s what I like to describe as a “Blanket Of Heaviness”.

But praise Yah, you can win the battle through the Blood of Yeshua.

In this video I will show you what The Father revealed to me about depression.

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Our Testimony Of Deliverance

Our Testimony of Deliverance

Our Testimony Of Deliverance Facebook Youtube Our Testimony Of Deliverance This video shares our personal testimony of how Yah brought deliverance to us and

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Astral Projection

What Is Astral Projection? Facebook Youtube What It Astral Projection? Astral projection is when an individual separates their soul from their body and travels “in

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Gossip Slander Offense

Gossip, Slander & Offense

Gossip – Slander – Offense The Trio From Hell Facebook Youtube Gossip, Slander & Offense Gossip, Slander & Offense are some of the worst

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Modern Medicine Is Derived From Witchcraft

Modern Medicine Is Derived From Witchcraft

Allow me to explain the purpose of and how this writing came to be; Yah gave me a prophetic word and it was such a drastic and hard word to write. I was aghast and He paused the word to have me do the research so that I could better understand what he was giving to me.

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