Prayer Over Items Purchased

Prayer Over Items Purchased

Prayer Over Items Purchased

Pray This Prayer Over Items That You Purchase

Repent First

Abba, I repent right now for all sins known and unknown and ask for forgiveness and that the Blood of Yeshua cover me as I say this prayer.

Begin Prayer:

Father, in the name of Yeshua, I sever any demonic connection or attachment to this item(s) right now.

I cut the cord to any person, place or thing and I cancel any curse, hex, spell, incantation, voodoo, or mantra used on this item.

I command any familiar spirit that may have been connected to the previous owner to leave, right now, in the name of Yeshua.

I break any curse connected to this item in the name of Yeshua.

Every spiritual contamination left behind on this item, disappear, in the name of Yeshua.

Adonai, I ask that the blood of Yeshua be over me, and this item, and everything I own and love.

I thank you and I praise you, In the unmatchable name Messiah Yeshua,


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