Occultic Terms & Definitions

occultic terms and definitions

Modern Day Occultic List

The word “occult” is a word meaning “to hidehidden, or concealed things”.
As Isaiah 2:6 speaks of Israel being replenished from the East with Eastern religious philosophies and occultic practices, so we can see the same happening today.

  1. Astral Projection — partial or complete separation of soul and soul travel.
  2. Augury — fortune telling by means of interpreting omens, etc.
  3. Apparition — appearance of a disembodied spirit or ghost form.
  4. Amulet — an object said to have magical power.
  5. Astrology — fortune-telling based on a supposed influence of the position of the sun, moon, stars and planets.
  6. Apport — the appearance and/or disappearance of physical objects.
  7. Automatic Writing — words written without awareness or conscious effort.
  8. Blood Pact — a contract signed with Satan in one’s own blood.
  9. Black Mass — celebrated in honor of the Devil.
  10. Charming or Enchanting — employment of magic, attempts to use spirit power.

          (a) Clairaudience — a demonic ability to hear voices not normally heard.

          (b) Clairsentience — a demonic ability to spiritually diagnose diseases apart from science.

          (c) Clairvoyance — a demonic ability to discern things not normally present to senses.

  1. Coven – a community of witches: 6 males, 6 females, 1 High Priest.
  2. Crystal Gazing— fortune-telling by means of Ball, Mirror, Crystal Gazing.
  3. Cosmology — study of the order of the universe
  4. Cartomancy — fortune-telling by means of cards, related to Tarot.
  5. Chiromancy — it is also called palmistry.
  6. Conjure — see “Necromancy”.
  7. Divination — snother name for Fortune-Telling.
  8. Exorcism — casting out of spirits.
  9. Epistemology — study of knowledge.
  10. Ectoplasm — unknown substance which oozes from the body of a medium
  11. ESP — Extra Sensory Perception a sense or senses beyond the normal five (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing) that give knowledge.
  12. Fetishes —spiritual embodiment in a natural object, e.g. stone, tree, doll, etc.
  13. Gnostic—person/group who believes they have the only correct and accurate knowledge/data.
  14. Agnostic — neither for or against belief in Yah; according to agnostic belief, man can never know, prove, or disprove the existence of Yah.
  15. Hypnosis — suggestion in hypnotic state or trance.
  16. Horoscope — refer to Observer of Times. Astrology, study of a star at birth, by which they profess to tell events of a person’s life.
  17. Hydromancy — divination by viewing images in water.
  18. Hepatoscopy— examination of liver or certain sacrificial animals then interpreting some meaning from them used as guidance.
  19. Incantation — a spell or charm used in or as a part of magic ritual.
  20. Incubus — a demon assuming male form that has sexual intercourse with humans.
  21. Succubus — a demon assuming female form for purpose of sexual relations.
  22. Kabbalah — mystical body of law based on occult interpretation of Old Testament.
  23. Levitation — the rising of physical bodies into the air, table floating; supernatural power that overcomes gravity.
  24. Magi — Magi, Magic, Magician. Priest-class of Medes and Persians, offered sacrifices, interpreted dreams, and omens, and acquainted with all modem and ancient arts of spiritism.
  25. Magic(k) —a means of incantations, charms, witchcraft.
  26. Manifestation —manifestation is a revealing of a demon.
  27. Meditation (Evil) —a passive state of mind, open to spiritual forces, counterfeit, latent ‘ego’ within, and makes a self-savior.
  28. Mesmerism (Hypnotism) — essentially healing diseases by chants or rituals.
  29. Mind Awareness (Dynamics) — new and higher levels of consciousness in passivity.
  30. Medium — an occultist whose body is a dwelling place for spirits.
  31. Metaphysics — study of knowledge and order of the spirit world; forces beyond our normal five senses.
  32. Necromancy — a demonic practice in which a person calls upon the dead to receive certain information from them.
  33. Numerology — an occult practice which interprets numbers for fortune telling.
  34. Ouji Board — a board with letters of the alphabet on it — installment designed to communicate with spirits of the dead.
  35. Omen — an observable event or action pertaining to the future.
  36. Oracle — “Speaking Place”. A revelation or a message from supernatural through a medium.
  37. Ontology — study of forces beyond the five senses — spiritual existence.
  38. Parapsychology (PSI) — special study of demonic activity. (Note: it’s different from #55).
  39. Psychography— use of heart-shaped board with ouji board for spirit messages.
  40. Pendulum—divining-rod or fortune telling to locate objects unseen.
  41. Palmistry — Divination by analysis of lines, shapes, etc., on the human hand.
  1. PyranudoIogy— mystic powers associated with models of the Pyramid
  2. Psychoanalysis, Psychic —automatic writings, self-hypnotic, visions, dreams, trances, etc.
  3. Psychokinesis—moving objects by use of the mind and thought patterns; “mind over matter”.
  4. Phrenology—divining/analysis based upon the bumps and structure of the skull
  5. Parapsychology – branch of psychology dealing with investigation of psychic phenomenon, e.g. , clairvoyance, ESP, telepathy, etc.
  1. Precognition – foreknowledge of the occurrence of events which cannot be inferred by present knowledge.
  2. Phenomenon — an event or occurrence usually considered to be of an extraordinary nature.
  3. Reincarnation – the belief that living beings possessing immortal spirits or souls are reborn in a form of another living being. The belief that the soul, upon the death of the body, comes back to earth in another body.
  4. Rhabdomancy – casting sticks into air, then interpreting omens from the manner in which they fall and land.
  5. Stigmata — wounds that may or may not bleed.
  6. Seance — a meeting of spiritists or spiritualists.
  7. Satanism — worship of or religious allegiance to Satan. Satanic churches.
  8. Sorcery — form of magic which attempts to control or direct spirits.

          (a) Spiritism — belief that mediumistic phenomena is caused by spirits.

          (b) Spiritualism — spiritism in a religious context.

  1. Stichomancy— fortune telling through random reference to books or the Bible.
  2. Transmigration — Hindui doctrine similar to reincarnation, but believes that dead soul can return to earth in a body of a snail, crab, ant, man, etc.
  3. Telepathy — form of ESP: Greek “impressions across a distance”. Thought reading, communication. Communicating to others at a distance, involving mind reading.
  4. Trance – form of ESP: Greek “a condition in which consciousness and all natural senses are withheld;” the soul becomes susceptible only to a particular vision.
  5. Transference – process of an indwelling spirit leaving one body and entering another.
  6. Talismans — divining by charms.
  7. Wizard — one devoted to black magic or sorcery.
  8. Witch – a male or female who uses occultic powers for what they consider good or evil ends. (Another definition from a different source: Witch – a person who is possessed by a spirit of witchcraft. This is an actual evil spirit that possesses the person and drives them to do evil).
  1. Warlock — a witch who is given to black magic and is in a pact with the devil.
  2. Yoga — physical exercises designed to enable one to gain control over bodily processes.
  3. Zodiac — an imaginary belt of the heavens, which includes paths of the sun, moon and planets having 12 constellations.

Source: The Foundations of Christian Doctrines…Pages 112-114

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