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Notice: This Glossary was created with many sources. Many of the proper named devils were placed on this list due to many truths being in many culture’s folklore. We wanted this site to be multi-culturally accepted and for anyone in the world to be able to find what they are looking for.

Before creating this site, when the Adonai would give us the name of a devil we hadn’t heard before, we would search the web for information and many times; the only sites that would come up would be ones for those that practice witchcraft and the occult.

We would have to pray in order to be able to look at anything and would have to seal our computer screens so that nothing would be released on us for being on a demonic site. Obviously we do not recommend that to anyone and we know that Grace has been upon us and the protection from the Almighty.

Yah was showing us a need for the Body of Christ and this glossary is the answer to that need. We do not want others that are called to learn to be subjected to witchcraft sites.

***Please Say This Prayer Out Loud Before Entering This Site***

Father, I put on the full armor that you have given to me as protection against my adversary.  I plead the Blood of Yeshua and I ask for complete protection for my mind, body and spirit as I learn more about my enemies. 

I ask that no attack be allowed against myself, and everything I own and everyone I love.   
I come against any counter attack and backlash that would try to stop me from learning what Yah
has prescribed for me to learn.   

I bind any devil that would try to come against the plans and purposes of Yah in my life.
I will be free and learn how to fight my enemies in the mighty name of Yeshua.


AAMON/AMON – Said to be Grand Marquis of Hell, Life and reproduction. Head of wolf, body of serpent. Said to command 40 legions. Incest, perversion, abortion. Entered the son of Lot and his daughter through incest (Genesis 19:30-38).

ABADDON/APOLLYON – Destruction/Destroyer Hebrew: “Abaddon,” also “abaddown” and “abaddoh.” Abaddon is the Hebrew name (equivalent to the Greek Apollyon) of “the angel of the bottomless pit” (Rev. 9:11). The depths of hell. The name “Abaddon” appears one time in the KJV, NKJV and NIV, but 7 times in the NRSV.“Abaddown” is translated as “destruction” in Job 28:2231:1226:6Proverbs 15:1127:20. A personification of the idea of destruction, or as sheol (hades), which in Greek mythology is the realm of the dead. Works with the spirits of death, hell, and the grave.

ABANDONMENT – Usually operates in orphans, children from one-parent households and adopted children and widows, making them feel abandoned by loved ones. Can also enter when a loved one passes away or in the breaking of a relationship. Works with demons of rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast away, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. (Click here for prayer against rejection and abandonment)

ABEZETHIBOU -Named on various occult sites. Said to have opposed Moses. Said to have 1 wing and live in the Red Sea.

ABDOMEN AREA – (belly, gut or stomach) Serpentine or snake spirits of lust and scorpion, spirits of fear and the boar spirit can lodge and operate in the stomach and lower abdomen. When casting out spirits of witchcraft and breaking a spell of witchcraft on people, you will often need to remove poisons left behind. Poison can also be left during dreams in which the person was eating or drinking. Most times than not; eating in the dream is an indication of being fed poison by a demonic caterer in your dreams. We should always ask Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) what the assignment was intended to do to us and follow His instructions in breaking it. (“Coming Soon” –> Prayer to Remove Demonic Poisons)

ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR – Bizarre, deviant, weird, unnatural, odd, unusual, irregular, aberrant, anomalous, atypical, peculiar, strange, uncommon, unexpected, curious,
Heteromorphic, out of line, unorthodox. When behaviors cannot be explained in the natural, they are often demonic in nature and demons are in operation in the person.

ABOMINATION – Works with obscenity, disgrace, anathema, abhorrence, evil, curse, horror. (Homosexuality Lev. 18:22, lesbianism, abortion (Proverbs 6:17)”:, incest, idolatry, witchcraft, pride, lying, and cheating are all considered abominations in Scripture) (Click here for course to Freedom from Homosexuality/Lesbianisim) (Click here for freedom from the result of incest & molestation)

ABORTION – Murder of an unborn child. These murders are reportedly used as sacrifices to satan and have roots in worship of Molech (Leviticus 20:1-5). It is said that many in the occult will purposely conceive only to terminate and offer their child as a sacrifice in exchange for something of value to them such as money or more demonic power. During these rituals, the child will at times be born only to be cannibalized. Red witches collect blood from these unborn. Spirits of Mammon (Amos 1:13), miscarriage, murder, premature termination of fetus, fear, shame can be influences. Works with adultery, cannibalism, death, destruction, fear, fornication, lust, secrecy, perversion, self-will, pride and hatred of children. (Click here for prayer to renounce abortion)

ABRAXAS – (Gnosticism) – Deity. Ancient Egypt and Greece. Written about by Carl Jung.

ABSALOM – Pride, seduction, rebellion, vanity, treachery, betrayal, treason, sedition, self-promotion, self-exaltation, self-destruction, death. Works in ministries and households to undermine authority (2 Samuel 15).

ABUSE – offense, mistreatment, torment, criticism, cursing, exploitation, perversion, hurt; sexual abuse (rape, incest,molestation); mental abuse (mind control, domination); physical abuse (beaten,bruised, cruelty); religious abuse (legalism, control, guilt, shame, cults); emotional abuse (hurt, deep hurt, wounds); doormat (makes others walk all over a person);unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred (of abuser), anger, resentment, fear (of hurt, of being abused), memory recall, past. (Click here to Break curses of abuse and cast out related spirits of abuse.)

ABYZOU – (Jewish mythology) -Near East and Europe. Blamed for miscarraige and infant death. (Click here for prayer of healing from miscarraige and child death)

ACCUSATION OR ACCUSATORY – satan (accuser, slanderer), diabolos, accuser of the brethren (spirits that work through believers to accuse one another), slander, suspicion, schizophrenia, betrayal, jealousy, envy, paranoia, fault finding, bitterness, hatred, finger-pointing, judging, false accusation.

ACHLYS – (Greek mythology) – Symbolizes the mist of death. Achlys was said to be the eternal night before Chaos. The mist of death has been seen by many during the time of death of their loved ones. This mist appears to be the human spirit leaving the body. (seal or sigal)

ADDICTION – compulsion, obsession, alcohol, drugs (illegal and prescription), nicotine,
caffeine, sugar, exercise, spendthrift, food, craving, sex and pornography. Addiction spirits lodge in the appetite, stomach, mouth, throat, taste buds, and nose and genitals. They enter through rejection and evil inheritance. (Click here for Prayer for Freedom from addiction)

ADRAMMELECH – (Assyrian mythology, Christian demonology, Jewish demonology) – Ancient Semitic god mentioned by name in the Book of Kings, where he is described as a god of “Sepharvaim. 2 Kings 17:31 reports: “The Sepharvites burned their children in the fire as sacrifices to Adrammelech and Anammelech, the gods of Sepharvaim” (NIV) Used in Final Fantasy video game.This is an excellent example of video games and other entertainment that invoke the demonic and subsequently attract evil into the home. This is an open door for demonic entry. (seal or sigal)

ADULTERY – Works with Lust, fornication, unfaithfulness, promiscuity, immorality, harlotry, whoredom, extramarital affair, infidelity, lying, deception, carnality, backsliding.
Lodges in the eyes (2 Peter 2:14); works with Jezebel (Revelation 2:20). Destruction (Proverbs 6:32), wounds, dishonor, reproach, shame, a marriage-breaking spirit.
Operates through curses of lust and adultery. separation/ divorce without cause – divorce due to a cheating spouse is cause (Matt 5:32) and unbelieving spouses leaving also releases the believer (1 Cor 7:15-16).
(Click here to renounce adultery and obtain freedom from sexual sin)

AESHMA – Zoroastrianism’s demon of “wrath.” As Aeshma is variously interpreted as “wrath,” “rage,” and “fury.” His standard epithet is “of the bloody mace.”

AFFECTATION – Theatrics, playacting, artificiality, facade, front, insincerity, pose, pretense, pretentiousness, put-on, sham, show, simulation, false front, putting on airs
showing off. (see muse)

AGALIAREPT – Purported to be one of two demons directly under satan. (This does not line up with other information collected on the hierarchy of satan’s kingdom) It is also stated that Agalierept is a ruler of Elelogap, who in turn governs matters connected with water. Reportedly, Agaliarept is a general with power to uncover secrets and reveal mysteries, and commands the second legion. This name is also used in video games.

AGARES – Depicted as a duke “under the power of the east”, as an “old man”, who teaches languages, stops and retrieves runaway persons, causes earthquakes, and grants noble titles. (see seal or sigal)

AGIEL – The “Intelligence spirit of Saturn” mentioned as a spirit in evil writings. He is also described as being the ruling spirit of the planet Saturn, with Zȃzȇl.

AGRAT BAT MAHLAT (Jewish demonology origin) – Means “Agrat, daughter of Mahlat” in Hebrew. In the Rabbinic writings of Yalḳuṭ Ḥadash, she is “the dancing roof-demon” that has a chariot and a group of 18 fallen angels of spiritual destruction. She is also “the mistress of the sorceresses” who communicated magic secrets to Amemar, a Jewish sage. In the Zoharistic Kabbalah, she is a queen of the demons and of “sacred prostitution”.

AHAB – This evil spirit is named after the behavior of King Ahab as he was affected by this evil spirit. His wife was Jezebel, who exercised a very evil influence over him. Wherever there is an Ahab spirit, there is a Jezebel spirit and witchcraft and religion in operation works towards; weakness in males; destruction of the family priesthood; fear; abdication of authority; weak, irresponsible, abdicating. To the calf-worship introduced by Jeroboam, he added the worship of Baal. (2 Kings 8:182 Chronicles 22:3Micah 6:16).

AHRIMAN/ANGRA MAINYU (Zoroastrianism)– Destructive spirit/mentality and the main adversary in Zoroastrianism either of “Spenta Mainyu”, the “/creative spirits/mentality”, or directly of Ahura Mazda, the highest deity/demon of Zoroastrianism.

AIM / HABORYM – Said to be a duke of hell that appears as a handsome man with 3 heads. Supposedly commands 26 legions. Rides a viper.

AIMLESSNESS – Wandering, drifting, straying, erratic, frivolous, indiscriminate, pointless, random, accidental, careless, casual, directionless, drifting, fickle, flighty, goalless, heedless, indecisive, irresolute, objectless, purposeless, shiftless, thoughtless, unavailing, undirected, unplanned, unpredictable, vagrant, wandering, wanton, wayward. Works with schizophrenia, and double-mindedness.

AKA MANAH/AKEM MANAH/AKOMAN/AKVAN (Zoroastrianism) – “Evil Mind”, “Evil Purpose”, “Evil Thinking”, or “Evil Intention”. Aka Manah is the demon of sensual desire that was sent to seduce the false prophet Zoroaster. The objectification of this malign influence is the demon Aka/Akem Manah, who appears in later texts as Middle Persian Akoman and New Persian Akvan.

AKUMA (Japanese Buddhism, Japanese Christianity) – The akuma is an evil fire spirit in Japanese folklore. It is often translated to devil in English, or demon. Akuma is the name assigned to Satan in Japanese Christianity, and the Mara in Japanese Buddhism.

ALCOHOLISM – Bacchus (god of drunkenness), drunkenness, addiction and craving for alcohol; delirium tremens, intemperance, intoxication. Works with pride (Isaiah 28), rejection, poverty (Proverbs 23:21), wounds, hurt, bruises, sorrow, contention, lust,
perversion, insomnia, violence (Proverbs 23:29-35), rage, mockery (Proverbs 20:1),
escape. (Click here to break all curses of alcohol and addiction.)

AL ANA (Turkish folklore) – According to oral stories, she was said to kidnap babies after birth and replace them with her children, known as foundlings or changelings. A changeling could be perceived by its unusual looks – out of proportion body, often with a disability and wickedness. To protect their baby against kidnapping by Al Ana, a mother would tie a red ribbon around its hand (this custom is still preserved in some regions of Anatolia, although without the original meaning), put a red hat on its head and shield its face from the light of the moon.

ALA (Slavic mythology) – (demon) According to farmers, an ala or hala (plural: ale or hali) is a female mythological demon recorded in the folklore of Bulgarians, Macedonians, and Serbs. Ale are said to be demons of bad weather whose purpose is to lead hail-producing thunderclouds in the direction of farms to destroy crops, or loot them. Insatiable, ale often eat children. When people encounter an ala their life is in danger; however, they believe that her favor can be gained by approaching her with respect and trust. They also say that being in a good relationship with an ala is very beneficial according to this folklore, because she makes her favorites rich and saves their lives in times of trouble. The appearance of an ala is described as human or animal shapes, and can possess a person’s body. They are said to live in clouds, or in a lake, spring, hidden remote place, forest, inhospitable mountain, cave, or gigantic tree. (Note that this folklore has much truth mixed within the story)

ALLAH – Is the Arabic word for whom the Arabs think Yah is. Arabs do not have a name for Yah. Allah is a demonic deity and is not Yahweh. In the English language, for those not involved in spiritual warfare and knowledge of the dark kingdom, the word generally refers to Yah in Islam. The word is thought to be derived by contraction from al-ilāh, which means “the god”, and is related to El and Elah, the Hebrew and Aramaic words for Yah. The word Allah is said to have been used by Arabic people of different religions since pre-Islamic times.

ALAL (Chaldean mythology) – In Mesopotamian myths, the alal’ was a kind of demon that in order to tempt men, came out of the Underworld and took various forms, temptations that the inhabitants of Babylonia were able to reject by means of amulets. Generally these demons are seen as theriocephaly, with a human body and the head of a lion with open jaws, the ears of a dog and mane of a horse. The feet are frequently replaced by bird claws of prey. The goddess to which the alal obeyed was called Alat, and was the wife of Nergal, god of war, and sister of Astarte.

ALLOCES/ ALLOCER – He is described as a duke, His purported duties include teaching astronomy and liberal sciences, and granting familiars. He is claimed to have 30 or 36 legions of demons under his command & provides advice for plans.

ALU – In Akkadian and Sumerian mythology, Alû is a vengeful spirit of the Utukku that travels to the underworld Kur. The demon is said to have no mouth, lips or ears. It stalks at night and attacks people while they sleep, and results in unconsciousness and coma; in this manner it resembles demons such as the mara, and incubus, which are used to explain sleep paralysis. In Akkadian and Sumerian mythology, it is associated with other demons like Gallu and Lilu.

ALLERGIES – Asthma, hay fever, respiratory problems, bronchitis; spirits operating in the sinuses and lungs. All auto immune responses are from rejection, self-hatred and self-rejection. (Click here to break curses of infirmity and evil inheritance or to pray to break self-loathing)

AMAYMON – (also Amaimon, or Amoymon) is a prince of hell, and, according to some Grimoires, the only one who has power over Asmodai. (This does not correspond with information we have collected.)

AMDUSIAS – Rank of Great Duke. Has about 30 legions under him. Often depicted with a unicorn head.

AMY – Or Amii (also Auns, Hanar, Hanni) is a demon described in grimoires.
Amy is described as a President, appearing first as a flame before turning to a human form. He is claimed to teach astronomy and liberal arts, give familiars, incite positive reactions from rulers, and reveal treasures. According to all sources, he rules over thirty six legions of demons. According to Johann Weyer, he was of both the order of angels and powers.

ANAMMELECH – (Hebrew: עֲנַמֶּלֶךְ‎ ʿAnammelekh), according to the Bible, was a Syrian and Mesopotamian goddess worshipped alongside Adrammelech. She is a lunar deity and is said to have been worshipped at Sepharvaim, an Assyrian town. She is possibly the daughter of Anu as her name means “Anu is king.”

ANCESTRAL – Hereditary, maternal, paternal, genealogical, traits, ethnic, racial, family line, bloodline, roots, family tree. Ancestral and hereditary curses are the result of the sins of the fathers (Jeremiah 32:18), especially witchcraft, occultism, perversion, and idolatry. (Click here to learn about clearing your bloodline)

ANCITIF – This name comes from a person that was said to be possessed by this spirit in the 1600’s in France, during their witch trials.

ANGER – Can be generational.  Animosity, choler, fury, gall, hatred, rage, resentment, temper, indignation, wrath (gives place to the Devil: Ephesians 4:26-27); violence, murder, cruelty (Genesis 49:6), bitterness, unforgiveness, retaliation, spite, revenge, outrage, hostility, enmity, foolishness. Command anger to come out of the chest/bosom (Ecclesiastes 7:9). (Click here to learn self-deliverance – coming soon)

ANGUISH – Suffering, torment, pain, agony, distress, affliction, heartache, grief, misery, sorrow, torture, grief, anxiety, cruelty, bondage (Exodus 6:9), dire straits. Commonly attacks after a loved one dies. (Click here to learn self-deliverance)

ANDHAKA – From Hindu mythology, (Sanskrit: “He who darkens”) is a Puranic war-title which refers to an evil Asura who is killed by Shiva for trying to abduct his consort.

ANDRAS – A Marquis that rules 30 legions. Sows discord. Said to have been summoned by military leaders. Head of a raven. Rides a black wolf.

ANDREALPHUS -Marquis that rules 30 legions. Appears as a peacock, then human form. Teaches astronomy and geometry.

ANDROMALIUS – Earl. Commands 36 legions. Appears as a man holding a serpent.

ANIMOSITY – Ill will, hostility, enmity, contention, hatred, anger, strife, resentment, revenge, retaliation, spite, gall, bitterness, enmity, malice, rancor, malevolence

ANOREXIA NERVOSA – Eating disorder, starvation, death, fear of becoming fat, compulsive dieting, depression, self-rejection. (Click here for Prayer of Freedom from Eating Disorders)

ANTICHRIST – Operates strongly in false religions; fights against Christ and the truth of the Gospel; blasphemy, false teaching, error. Note: This spirit is ALWAYS in operation with EVERYONE that needs deliverance because all things demonic are antichrist in nature.(1 John 4:1-6).

ANTI-SEMITISM – Hatred of Jews, bigotry, prejudice, Ishmael, Nazi. This spirit is present in Catholics and in anyone that has followed their tradition of Sunday Worship. This was revealed by Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) to the founders of S.W.A.D beginning with their deliverance of this spirit. (See the truth about the Sabbath)

ANTI-SUBMISSIVE – Stubbornness, rebellion, disobedience, Self-will, pride.

ANQA (Arabian Folklore) – Associated with misfortune or a hard affair.

ANXIETY – Worry, apprehension, dread, fear, nervousness, panic, restlessness, uneasiness, tension, fretfulness, PTSD, Works with many spirits that rob you of your peace. This leads to health issues and opens the door for spirits of infirmity. (Click here for Prayer of Peace)

ANZU – Chased by Ninurta, Nineveh

APATHY – Unconcern, indifference, lethargy, passivity, coldness, detachment, insensitivity, listlessness, stoicism.

APHRODITE – Lust, perversion, sensuality, Venus, false love. (See lust and perversion.)

APPETITE – Spirits operating in the appetite include addiction, gluttony, lust for food, eating disorders, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, starvation, loss of appetite.

APPREHENSION – Fear, dread, anxiety, nervousness, worry, alarm, suspicion, mistrust. (Click here for Prayer of Peace)

ARGUMENTATIVE – Debate, dispute, contention, strife, quarrelsome, discord, disagreement. This is an open door to the demonic. Works with pride and insolence.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT – Spirits that hinder from growing into adulthood mentally: immaturity, hindrance, blockage, obstruction of the personality, foolishness, infantile, juvenile, adolescent; bound and blocked personality. Also used when a person develops dementia.(Click here for self-deliverance)

ARROGANCE – Ahab (Psalm 89:10), Leviathan (Job 41), works with pride, insolence, conceit, disdain, ego, haughtiness, high-mindedness, loftiness, self-love, self-importance, vanity, presumption, scorn, overbearing pride, pretension, an exaggerated opinion of oneself, snobbishness, snobbery, superciliousness, smugness, pretension, pretentiousness, affectation, scorn, mocking, sneering, scoffing, presumption, insolence, uppitiness, big-headedness.

ARTHRITIS – All auto-immune disease is rooted in rejection and in turn self-rejection and self-hatred. This causes the body to attack oneself. Unforgiveness and evil Inheritance; pain, torment can also be present. (Click here to break curses)

ASHTORETH OR ASTARTE OR ISHTAR (EASTER)– Female deity wife of Baal; fertility goddess; lust, sensuality, debauchery, drunkenness. ISHTAR or EASTER is one many names associated with this chief goddess spirit or female deity spirit in Hebrew as Ashtoret (עשתרת).[2] The Hebrews also referred to the Ashtarot or “Astartes” in the plural. Ashoreth-Astarte was connected with fertility, sexuality, and war. Her symbols are a lion, horse, sphinx, dove, and a star within a circle indicating the planet Venus. She is often shown naked. She has been known as the deified morning and/or evening star.[2] The deity spirit takes on many names and forms among different cultures, including Assyro-Babylonian goddess Ištar of the planet Venus. The celebration of ISHTAR is the pagan practice of where the celebration of Easter comes from Easter is a transliteration of the name ISHTAR. Her personification of fertility is exhibited by rabbits and eggs which are symbols of fertility as shown in the pagan celebration of Easter. (See The Truth about Easter)

ASTHMA – Allergies, hay fever, respiratory problems, bronchitis; spirits operating in the sinuses and lungs or respiratory system. Can be associated with Freemasonry ancestry. (Click here to break curses of infirmity and evil inheritance or Freemasonry)

ATHEISM – Unbelief, skepticism, doubt, humanism, scoffing, scorn. Most atheists begin life as a Christian and are often hurt and disillusioned. They need to experience the Love of Christ.

ATTENTION-GETTING – See Affectation.

ASTRAL PROJECTION – Assists a human spirit to “fly” or leave their body. A practice & devil used by those that practice occult or witchcraft. There is a silver cord that tethers a person to their body that can be seen in the spirit. If a witch is astral projecting and cannot find their cord or it is cut, they will die as they will be unable to find their body. Many have seen the cord when they have been present at someone’s death. Ezekiel 13:20Ecclesiastes 12:6 (Click here for prayer against astral projection.)

ANZU (Sumerian mythology) – is a lesser deity or monster in several Mesopotamian religions. He was conceived by the waters of Apsu and the Earth. Anzû was depicted as a gigantic bird that breathed fire and water, also is depicted as a lion-headed eagle.

APEP OR APOPHIS (Egyptian mythology) – An ancient deity who embodied chaos and was the opposer of light and Ma’at (order/truth). He appears in Egyptian art as a giant serpent.

ARMAROS – Was on a list of a group of 200 fallen angels called Grigori or “Watchers” in the Book of Enoch.

ARCHON – In Gnosticism and religions closely related to it, Archons are demonic entities subordinate to the embodiment of evil in the corresponding belief-system. The archons are rulers to one of seven planets; they prevent souls from leaving the material realm.

ARUNASURA (Hindu mythology) – A demon who got a boon from Brahma of not getting killed by any two- or four-legged creatures. Arunasura was instead killed by Kali in the form of Bhramari Devi.

ASB’EL – (Heb., meaning “Yah has forsaken” or “deserter from Yah”) is a fallen angel that appears in the first book of Enoch.

ASMODAI/ASMODEUS (Jewish folklore, Christian demonology, Islamic folklore) – Is a prince of demons. Asmodeus represents lust. The demon is also mentioned in some Talmudic legends. Is said to be responsible for tearing marriages apart.
Asmodeus also is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell. In Binsfeld’s classification of demons, each one of these princes represents one of the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride).

ASTAROTH – In demonology, is the Great Duke of Hell in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer.

ASURA (Hindu mythology, Buddhism, Shinto) – A class of beings or power-seeking clans related to the Devas (also known as Suras) in Hinduism.

AVOIDANCE – Works with spirits of fear, procrastination and distraction.

AZAZEL (Jewish mythology, Islamic Baal/Bael, Christian demonology, Mandæan, Sabean, and Arabian mythology) – Associated with spirits of depression, loneliness, heaviness, isolation, recluse – renounce being alone, shutting out the world. Give thanks to Yah constantly, see 1 Thess. 5:1


BAAL-Works with Idolatry, lust, debauchery, drunkenness;
name meaning lord, master possessor,
owner; linked to Ashtoreth.

BACKBITING – Lying, malice, slander, gossip, criticism, abuse, strife, whispering (2 Corinthians 12:20), envy, jealousy, anger, bitterness, competition, evil speaking.

BACKLASH – Demons retaliate and attack those who attack and destroy Satan’s kingdom. This is called backlash, reaction, repercussion, resentment, resistance,
response, and retaliation.

BARRENNESS – Fruitless, unproductive, unrewarding, vain, useless, sterility, impotence.
Barrenness is the result of a curse. Barren Spirits can operate in the womb causing
infertility in women.

BEELZEBUB – Lord of the flies (sovereign of evil spirits), a ruling spirit (Matthew 12:24).

BELIAL – Worthlessness, wickedness, destruction.

BETRAYAL– Deception, dishonesty, treachery, Judas Iscariot, treason, sedition, disloyalty, hypocrisy, jealousy, cruelty, rebellion, mutiny.

BIBLE – Spirits that block and hinder people from reading and understanding the Bible; debate (makes people argue the Bible); closed Bible (“I won’t let him learn”); Logos (“I misquote the Bible”); spiritual blindness; tiredness (while reading the Bible); confusion (while reading the Bible); lawyers (spirits who study Scriptures for the purpose of argument and debate); hatred of the Bible, fear of the Bible, unbelief (“I don’t believe the Bible”); no understanding, no revelation, darkness, veil (2 Corinthians 3:15); boredom (while reading the Word); wrestling and twisting the Word (2 Peter 3:16); dogmatic (teaching and preaching of the Word); tradition (making the Word of no effect;
Mark 7:13).

BITTERNESS – Unforgiveness, resentment, revenge, retaliation, root of bitterness (Hebrews 12:15), hidden bitterness, gall, wormwood, poisonous root, hard bondage (Exodus 1:14), complaining, murmuring, backbiting, envy, strife (James 3:14), wrath, anger (Ephesians 4:31), cursing (Romans 3:14), jealousy.
Opens the door for sickness and infirmity.

BLASPHEMY– Cursing, heresy, impiety, profanity, sacrilege, lewdness, irreverence.

BLINDNESS – Natural and spiritual, darkness, groping, veiled, lacking vision, hidden, covered, cataracts (natural and spiritual), hardness of heart, spiritual dullness, undiscerning, ignorance, deception, Pharisee. Many religious spirits operate to keep people in the dark concerning the truth and spiritual things.

BLOCKAGE – Obstruction: spirits that block spiritual growth, finances, relationships, prayer life, study of the Word, ministry, and so on. Bar, barrier, obstacle, roadblock, wall.
Spirits that impede, choke, close off, cut off, stop up, sever, deter, dam, bar, arrest, thwart. Spirits that block and obstruct revelation, answered prayer, prosperity, or church

BOASTING – Pride, self-flattery, pretension, ego, arrogance, haughtiness, self-importance, exaggeration, conceit, self-applauding, vainglory, bragging, chauvinism.

BONDAGE – Slavery, servitude, subjection, yokes, chains, shackles, fetters, captivity.

BRAINWASHING – Indoctrination, mind control, cults.

BROKENHEARTED – Sorrow, grief, sadness, crying, bruised, wounded, disappointment, melancholy, dejected, depression.

BUDDHA – Idolatry, death, occultism, Eastern religions and mysticism, hopelessness,

BURDENS – Heaviness, heavy burdens, anxiety, albatross, hindrance, load, sorrow,
stress, care, false burdens, guilt, oppression

BLASPHEMY – saying: Oh my God / Jesus / denying the works of Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit)

Black Heart – This devil is responsible for those humans involved in the dark kingdom to have the ability to do the most vile and horrific acts that are inhumane. (Examples: Human sacrifice or cannibalism). This devil works with demons that work with those in the occult and satanic worship. Demons of witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, santeria, control, murder, domination, control, violence, rape, molestation, abuse, torchure,

BABI NGEPET (Indonesian mythology) – is a boar demon in Indonesian mythology. believed to be the manifestation of a person practising pesugihan babi black magic.  Pesugihan is derived from the Javanese word sugih meaning “rich”.   It is a kind of magic to help people become rich instantly, but in exchange they must sacrifice something. In this case they must sacrifice their humanity; allowing themselves to be transformed into a boar for a period of time, or allowing themselves to be possessed by a boar demon. The human-animal transformation is similar to shapeshifting or the werewolf concept in the West.

BAKU (Japanese mythology) – An early 17th-century Japanese manuscript describes the baku as a shy, Chinese mythical chimera with an elephant’s trunk, rhinoceros’ eyes, an ox’s tail, and a tiger’s paws, which protected against pestilence and evil and eating of nightmares .

BALAM – In demonology, Balam (also Balaam, Balan) is a great and powerful king (to some authors a duke or a prince) of Hell who commands over forty legions of demons. He gives perfect answers on things past, present, and to come, and can also make men invisible and witty. Balam is depicted as being three-headed. One head is the head of a bull, the second of a man, and the third of a ram. He has flaming eyes and the tail of a serpent. He carries a hawk on his fist and rides a strong bear. At other times he is represented as a naked woman riding a bear.

BANSHEE (Irish mythology) – A banshee (“woman of the fairy mound” or “fairy woman”) is a female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds the death of a family member, usually by wailing, shrieking, or keening. Her name is connected to the mythologically important tumuli or “mounds” that dot the Irish countryside, which are known as síde (singular síd) in Old Irish.

BAPHOMET (Christian folklore, Islamic Folklore, Jewish Mysticism, Satanism, Thelema)- androgynous demon with a goat face. Related to freemasonry / lust/ carnality – Renounce lust / homosexuality /transgender spirits

BARBAS (Christian demonology)

BARBATOS (Christian demonology)

BARONG (Indonesian mythology)


BEELZEBUB (Jewish and Christian demonology) – aka Lord of the flies – related to tattoos/love of power/ flies and insects seem to follow the person. Hearing growling or person growls. May see blue orbs or see blue balls when eyes are closed. Face distorts during deliverance. Many burps and snorts – Renounce tattoos, seeking spiritual power, cursing people, using spells to get things, using love spells, horoscopes, participating in rituals and reading occult materials.

BELIAL (Jewish Christian demonology)

Beleth (Christian demonology)

BELPHEGOR (Christian demonology)

BERITH/BEHERIT (Phoenician mythology, Christian demonology)

BHŪTA (Hindu mythology)

BIFRONS (Christian demonology)

BORUTA (Slavic mythology)

BOTIS (Christian demonology)



BUER (Christian demonology)

BUKAVAC (Slavic mythology)

BUNE (Christian demonology)

BUSHYASTA (Zoroastrianism)


CAST-AWAY – Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.

CAST ASIDE – Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.



COVETOUSNESS – ambition/fancy car, clothes, house, things of the world/greed for power, status, recognition/ materialism


CAIM/CANIO (Christian demonology)

CAMOUFLAGE – Disguise, cloak, conceal, cover up, deceive, hide; mask, masquerade, veil, smoke screen, blind, chameleon (evil spirits are good at hiding and camouflaging their work); haystack (“I’m hard to find”).

CARNALITY – Fleshly, earthly; lewdness, sensuality, worldliness, lust, lasciviousness, immorality; strife, envy, division (1 Corinthians 3:3).

CHEMOSH – Idol of the Moabites meaning subduer, depressor, vanquisher, an incubus (sexual spirit that attempts intercourse with women)or succubus (sexual spirit that attempts intercourse with men), concealed, the planet Saturn.

CHRONIC – Habitual, constant, continual, deep- rooted, deep-seated, lifelong, lingering, persistent, stubborn. Chronic illnesses and diseases, chronic financial problems, chronic marital problems, and so on. Problems and conditions that won’t respond to prayer, fasting, and the Word are chronic conditions that need to be dealt with in deliverance.

CLAIRVOYANCE – Extrasensory Perception (ESP), foreknowledge, premonition, telepathy, sixth sense, divination, telekinesis. Psychic spirits often operate through inheritance.

COMPETITION -Antagonism, ambition, rivalry, strife, emulation, contention, pride, driving, argument, pride, ego, strife, rivalry, jealousy,
envy, ambition.

CONDEMNATION – Guilt, accusation, blame, judgment, Legalism, Pharisee, religious control, false doctrine, salvation by works, false holiness.

CONFUSION – Disorientation, chaos, mind control, befuddlement, Babel (Genesis 11), idolatry (Isaiah 41:29), sexual perversion (Leviticus 18:23), schizophrenia, insanity, madness, envy, strife (James 3:16), frustration, incoherence, forgetfulness, mix up, tailspin (“I confuse her thoroughly”), puzzle (“I mix him up”).

CONSCIENCE – Spirits operating in the conscience include guilt, condemnation, evil conscience, seared conscience, hardness.

CONTENTION – Argument, strife, division, fighting, discord, confusion, envy, jealousy, pride (Proverbs 13:10); scorning (Proverbs 22:10), anger, bitterness.

CONTROL – Possessiveness, dominance, witchcraft, Jezebel, Ahab, matriarchal spirits, religious control, control from the pastor, denominational control, mind control, manipulation, intimidation, fear.

CORRUPTION – Dishonesty, extortion, fraud, depravity, immorality, impurity, perversion, vice, vulgarity, rottenness.

COVETOUSNESS – Stealing, kleptomania, materialism, greed, discontent, self-seeking, self-indulgence, avarice, lust.

CRUELTY – Spite, revenge, retaliation, malice, sadism, unmerciful, ruthless, hardhearted, coldblooded, jealousy (Song of Solomon 8:6), wrath (Genesis 49:7), murder, hatred, anger.

CULTS – Hare Krishna, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Urantia, Unity, Mormonism, Bahaism, Unitarianism; faction, party, schism, heresy, false teaching, religious spirits, control, confusion, deception, error.

CURSES – Ancestral and generational, the result of the sins of the fathers; curses of death and destruction, sickness and infirmity, lust and perversion, incest, rape, mental illness, schizophrenia, poverty, witchcraft, idolatry, destruction of the family priesthood, Ahab and Jezebel, rejection. Ecclesiastical curses are curses found in the Bible. These are curses we bring upon ourselves when we break the commandments ordered regarding the curse. Example: Those that preach another Gospel, let them be accursed.

Signs of curses include – (1) mental and/ or emotional breakdown; (2) repeated or chronic sicknesses (especially if hereditary); (3) barrenness, a tendency to miscarry, or related female problems; (4) breakdown of marriage, family alienation; (5) continuing financial insufficiency; (6) being accident-prone; (7) a history of suicides and unnatural
or untimely deaths (from Blessing or Curse by Derek Prince); (8) abuse and mistreatment from other people; (9) vagabondism and a wandering lifestyle. Evil, misfortune, calamity, trouble, plague, affliction, torment, harm, vexation,

CURSING – Blasphemy, coarse jesting, gossip, criticism, backbiting, mockery, belittling, railing, profanity, abuse, swearing, bitterness, hatred, anger, pride.

CHARUN (Etruscan mythology)

CHEMOSH (Moabite mythology)

Choronzon (Thelema)

CHORT (Slavic mythology)

CIMEJES/KIMARIS/CIMEIES (Christian demonology)



CORSON (Christian demonology)

CROCELL/PROCELL (Christian demonology)


DAEVA (Zoroastrianism)

DAGON (Semitic mythology)

DAJJAL (Islamic eschatology)

DANTALION (Christian demonology)

DANJAL (Jewish mythology)




DIVINATION – looking at photos/ prophecies/seeing auras/hearing thoughts

DESTROYER – related to lucifer spirit, I think probably is the lucifer spirit

DELILAH – seduction/ flirting /sexual control – typically associated with Jezebels
A typical depiction of the Devil in Christian art. The goat, ram and pig are consistently associated with the Devil. Detail of a 16th-century painting by Jacob de Backer in the National Museum, Warsaw.

DECARABIA (Christian demonology)

DEMIURGE (Gnostic mythology)

DEMOGORGON (Christian demonology)

DEV (Persian, Islamic demonology)

DEEP HURT – Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.

DEVIL (Demonology/Diabology)

Div-e Sepid (Persian mythology)

DJALL (Albanian mythology)


DREKAVAC (Slavic mythology)

DZOAVITS (Native American mythology)

DEATH – enters from saying “I want to die”/ abortion/ near death experience/ attempted suicide/ watching horror movies/ could also be a generational spirit – makes people feel cold and seeing repeated dreams of dead people

DECEIVING -See Deception

DESERTED – Works with demons of rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), cast away, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted,loneliness, isolation.


DANCING – Rhythmic, sensual dancing; worldly dancing, dirty dancing, lust.

DEATH – Termination, premature death through accidents, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, sickness and disease, murder, abortion. Operates through curses of death and destruction, angel of death, Grim Reaper, black horse, king of terrors, rigor mortis, murder, deathblow, Molech, suicide, fatality, lethal. Works with hell (Revelation 20:13

DEBAUCHERY – Licentiousness, whoredom, self-gratification, self-indulgence, over-indulgence, unrestraint, incontinence, revelry, drunkenness.

DEFIANCE – Resistance, rebellion, anti-submissiveness, antagonism, insubordination, disobedience.

DEJECTION – Depression, heaviness, melancholy, sadness, despair, despondency, discouragement, brokenhearted, downcast.

DESTRUCTION – Ruin, devastation, calamity. Works with pride (Proverbs 16:18), poverty(Proverbs 10:15), death (Job 28:22), misery (Romans 3:16). Also operates through generational curses (Lamentations 3:64-66).

DIVORCE – Asmodeus is responsible for all marriage-breaking spirits; hardness of heart (Matthew 19:3-9), separation, bitterness, hurt, rejection, anger, fear of marriage, guilt, shame, condemnation.

DOCTRINAL – False doctrines and teachings of all kinds; doctrinal obsession, error, heresy, doctrines of devils, various and strange doctrines; all cults.

DOG-DOBERMAN (vicious)

DOMINATION control- (Jezebel), witchcraft, matriarchal spirits; control by mother, father, pastor, church; religious control, mind-control, fear, intimidation.

DOUBT – Unbelief, skepticism, self-delusion.

DRAGON – Sea serpent, Leviathan (Isaiah 27:1).

DREAD – fear, terror, Gorgon, Medusa, panic, horror, sudden fear.

DRUGS – legal and illegal; addiction, reaction, dependency, sorcery (Greek word: pharmakeia, meaning drugs or sorcery; Revelation 9:21). Names same as drug (e.g., Heroin, Marijuana, and so on); rebellion, disobedience, hallucination, depressant, stimulants, narcotics, sedatives, anti-depressants, hypnotic.

EMOTIONS – emotional problems, bound and blocked emotions, grief, sadness, crying, anger, hatred, rage, uncontrollable emotions, hurt. Command spirits to come out of the emotions.


EPILEPSY – Fits, convulsions, seizures.

ESCAPE- withdrawal, passivity, sleepiness, stoicism, alcohol, drugs, silence, depression, apathy.



EBLIS (or Iblis/Ibris) (Islamic demonology)

ELIGOS (Christian demonology)

EISHETH (Jewish demonology)

ERLIK (Turkish mythology)

EVIL DOKKAEBI (Korean Goblin) (Korean mythology)



FAILURE– curses, defeat, frustration, discouragement, suicide, depression, sorrow, confusion, rejection, sadness.

FALSE – false love, false personality, false gifts, false prophecy, false tongues, false revelation, false doctrine, false prophet, false teaching, false church, false anointing, false praise, false worship, false friendship; phony, fake, counterfeit, deception, lying, hypocrisy, Pharisee, dishonesty, flattery, pretense, false religious burdens, false

FAMILIAR SPIRITS – spirit guides. These spirits are familiar with the family and go from generation to generation.

FATIGUE – Tiredness, weariness, laziness.

FEAR – making wrong decisions, rejection, being hurt, judgment, authority, failure, man, darkness, being alone, death, witchcraft, heights, demons, deliverance, losing salvation, disapproval, accusation, being wrong, spiritual gifts, responsibility, marriage, having children, pain, sickness, confrontation, cancer, driving, insanity, heart
attack, the future, crowds. Horror, panic, fright, sudden fear, terror, dread, apprehension; causes torment (1 John 4:18).

FIGHTING – strife, violence, contention, anger, rejection, murder, hatred, rage, combative.

FILTH – pollution, dirt, foulness; of flesh and spirit (2 Corinthians 7:1); naughtiness, wickedness (James 1:21).

FLATTERY – False praise, seduction, lying, deception.

FLIRTATION – Seduction, personality change.

FOOLISH – Senseless, irrational, crazy, silly, stupid.

FORGETFULNESS – mind block, amnesia, memory loss, absent-mindedness.

FORTUNE TELLING – divination, crystal ball, palm reading, tarot cards, psychic, witchcraft.

FREEMASONRY – masonic spirits of witchcraft, idolatry, curses, occultism, deception, bondage, control, third eye, mental confusion, spiritual apathy, emotional hardness, doubt, skepticism, unbelief, infirmities, sicknesses, allergies, destruction, financial ruin, false religion, antichrist, pride, Eastern Star. (Click here to be set free from Freemasonry)

FRIGIDITY – boldness, marriage-breaking spirit. A spirit that blocks the sex drive and can enter through molestation or rape.

FRUSTRATION – defeat, disappointment, anger, confusion.



Fear – manifests itself as seeing spiders in recurrent dreams and also a dry mouth/ phobias/ distrust of people and potentially OCD. Fear aka Ahab is the root spirit of Jezebel, see “Jezebel” and “Ahab” – read Luke 10:192 Tim 1:7Romans 8:38-39 and 1 John 1:9. (See abdomen)




FOCALOR (Christian demonology)

FORAS/FORCAS/FORRAS (Christian demonology)

FORSAKEN – Works with abandonment, rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast away, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation.

FORNEUS (Christian demonology)

FURCAS/FORCAS (Christian demonology)

FURFUR (Christian demonology)


GAMBLING – betting, compulsion, driving, lottery,
debt, poverty, mishandling money, lying, craps, snake eyes, seven-eleven, off-track betting, chance, luck.

GLOOM – bleakness, despondency, misery, sadness, woe, darkness, dejection,

GLUTTONY – nervousness, idleness, self-rejection, frustration, indulgences, compulsive
eating, self-pity, self-reward, addiction, obesity.

GREED – lust, avarice, covetousness, selfishness, stinginess, gluttony. Works with uncleanness (Ephesians 4:19).

GRIEF – misery, sadness, heartache, anguish, mourning, distress, lamentation, misfortune, adversity, loss, mishap, broken heart, ache, hurt, pain, crying, cruelty.

GUILE – deceitfulness, fraud, deception, craftiness, sneakiness, cunning, slyness, foxiness, wiles, shrewdness.

GUILT – condemnation, unworthiness, embarrassment, self-condemnation,
cults, false doctrine. Operates strongly with religious spirits.


GOSSIP/BACKSTABBING – related to pride – this is an abomination to Yah and will lead to more spirits coming in

GAAP (Christian demonology)

GADER’EL (Jewish demonology)

GAKI (Japanese mythology)

GAMIGIN (Christian demonology)

GHADDAR (Islamic folklore)

GHOUL (Arabian and world-wide mythologies via adaptation from arabs)

GLASYA-Labolas/Caacrinolaas/Caassimolar/Classyalabolas/Glassia-labolis (Christian demonology)

GOAT (Greek mythology, Jewish Tradition) – Leviticus mentions “Goat demons” or “goat idols” 7 They are no longer to offer their sacrifices to the goat-demons after which they play the prostitute. This will be a statute forever to them throughout their generations. (Lev 17:7 TLV). The Jewish draw a connection between these “goat demons” and the demon Azazel. Traditional views they hold say that the scapegoat is actually sent to this demon. The actual verses from the Bible read: 8 Aaron will then cast lots for the two goats—one lot for Adonai, and the other lot for the scapegoat. 9 Aaron is to present the goat on which the lot for Adonai fell and make it a sin offering. 10 But the goat upon which the lot for the scapegoat fell is to be presented alive before Adonai, to make atonement upon it, by sending it away as the scapegoat into the wilderness. (Lev 16:8-10 TLV) But the Hebrew word translated “scapegoat” in this passage is azazel—and there’s good reason to believe it’s meant to be a name (just like “Yahweh” is a proper noun translated “LORD”).
Gorgon (See Azazel)

(THE) GRAVE– Works with Abaddon/Apollyon, death and hell.

GRIEVED IN SPIRIT– Forsaken-Abandonment, rejection, forsaken, deserted, cast away, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt,widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. (Isaiah 54:6)

GREMORY/GOMORY (Christian demonology)

GRIGORI (Jewish demonology)

GUALICHU (Mapuche mythology)
GUAYOTA (Guanche mythology)

GUSION/GUSOIN/GUSOYN (Christian demonology)


HABIT – compulsion, addiction, lust, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, nervous habits.

HADES – spirits of death, hell, and the grave; destruction, sheol, abyss.

HARASS – badger, irritate, molest, pester, torment, aggravate, annoy, plague, vex.

HARDSHIP – ordeal, test, affliction, misfortune, misery, difficulty.

HATRED – detestation, dislike, enmity, ill will, loathing, hostility, aversion, dislike. Hatred of truth, correction, Yah, Scriptures, men, women, husband, wife, children, black people, white people, Jews, authority, preachers, deliverance, the church. Bitterness, murderous hate, retaliatory hate.

HAUGHTY – proud, arrogant, overbearing. Works with destruction (Proverbs 18:12); scorning,”proud wrath” (Proverbs 21:24); self-importance, vanity, ego, insolence, conceit, disdain.

HEADSTRONG – obstinate, stubborn, willful, self-will, childlike self-will, anti-submissive,
rebellion, independent, unyielding, contrary.

HIDDEN INHERITANCE – physical, emotional, or mental; curses; ancestral, maternal, paternal; lust, addictions; cultural; bitterness, anger, hatred, prejudice, ethnic pride.


HINDER – hamper, impede, block, retard, stop, resist, thwart, obstruct, delay, slow, restrain.

HINDRANCE (Blockage and Obstruction) spirits that hinder, block, and obstruct: no love, no help, no friends, no success, no lodging, no pity, no understanding, no wisdom, no relief (torment), no rest, no, no power, no ability, no light(darkness), no healing, no deliverance, no happiness, no joy, no victory, no control, no future (hopelessness), no liberty (control), no discernment (blindness), no prosperity, no breakthrough, no direction, no name, no identity, no confidence, no peace. No open doors (closed doors), no money (poverty), no job, no sense, no way, no value, no worth, no presence of Yah (Ichabod), no anointing, no blessings (curses), no communication, no growth, no
order (confusion), no support, no morals, no escape, no commitment, no faithfulness, no self-control, no chance, no opportunity, no family, no transportation, no mobility, no break, no time, no room, no space, no health, no strength, no home, no satisfaction, no vision, no counsel. These spirits are also the result of curses.

HINDUISM – false religion, hopelessness (because of caste system), idolatry, confusion,

HOMOSEXUALITY  – perversion, uncleanness, confusion, lust, rebellion.

HORROR-dread, foreboding, alarm, sudden fear, terror, apprehension, fright, panic.

HURT-pound, brokenhearted, deep hurt, bruised, grief, abuse, cruelty.

HYPERACTIVITY-Restlessness, driving, pressure.

HYPOCRISY-deceit, Pharisee, guile, lying, pretense, false love, false worship, false holiness.

HAAGENTI (Christian demonology)

HALPHAS/MALTHUS (Christian demonology)


HELL-Works with Abaddon/Apollyon, Death and The Grave.

HINN (Islamic folklore)


HOMOSEXUALITY– Leviticus 18:22 rejection of Yah/ lust/ (see abomination)



HURT-Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.



IMAGINARY FRIENDS – familiar spirits

INSECURITY – causes: Obsessive Compulsive Disorders/panic attacks/anger outbursts /rejection

IFRIT (Islamic demonology)

INCUBUS (Christian demonology)

IPOS/IPES (Christian demonology)

ISLAM – spirit that declares Yeshua is a prophet/ anti-Messiah spirit/ chauvinistic spirit – Renounce reading qur’an/ praying to Allah, destroy the qur’an


ISOLATION-Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.



JUDAS-Spirit of treason, betrayal

JEZEBEL-(strongman spirit)– has many fears including: fear of rejection/abandonment/not being good enough/going to hell, which then empowers pride/ rebellion/ stubbornness, vanity/ seducing people/ flirting/ cheating, lying/ gossiping, control/ manipulation, greed/ materialism, witchcraft/ making wishes, envy/ jealousy, vengeance/ malice/ anger, discontentment/ lust of sex, food, shopping & travel – hearing profanities, screams, uncontrolled laughing and music in the head, laughing inappropriately, voice calls itself Messiah Yeshua, curses Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) to create guilt and condemnation and can feel something in the throat or have trouble swallowing, and says they hate Christians or they hate you during deliverance. First thing is to renounce FEAR and know that Yeshua died for you and that Yah loves you immensely. Then do the will of Yah and develop a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of Yah. Be like Messiah Yeshua. See Philippians 2:4-8.


JINN (Islamic demonology)

JIKININKI (Japanese mythology)


KARATE-Martial arts, witchcraft, mind control,violence, lust, rebellion, anger,

KORAH-Rebellion, sedition (Numbers 16).

KALI (right) wielding a sword

KABANDHA/KABHANDA (Hindu mythology)

KARA İYE (Turkish mythology)

KASADYA (Jewish demonology)

KOKABIEL (Jewish mythology)


KRONI (Ayyavazhi demonology)

KRAMPUS (Germanic-Christian demonology)

KILLAKEE CAT (Hell Fire Club)

KUKUDH (Albanian mythology)


KUMBHAKARNA (Hindu mythology)


LACK-poverty, insufficiency. Break curses of poverty and lack.

LAWLESSNESS-rebellion, insubordination, anarchy,chaos, sedition, crime, abandon, license, unruliness, disorder, licentiousness, self-indulgence, intemperance, incontinence, disobedience, nonconformity, corruption.

LAZINESS-idleness, slothfulness, listlessness, lethargy, sleepiness, drowsiness, comatose, passivity, heaviness, apathy, slowness, tardiness.

LEGION-army, brigade, regiment, multitude, mass, great number, throng, division, battalion, company, troop, corps, unit, division, squad, horde, myriad, scores, drove, flock, group (Mark 5:1-20).

LETHARGY-sluggishness, dullness, heaviness, slowness, stupor, passivity, sloth,
sleepiness, apathy, indifference, laziness, listlessness, drowsiness.

LEVIATHAN-pride, “king over all the children of pride” (Job 41:34). Sea monster, sea serpent, dragon, hardness of heart, vanity, conceit, ego, haughtiness, colossus, titan, giant, mammoth, mastodon, arrogance, haughtiness, stubbornness, restlessness. Large sea serpent, prophesied to be destroyed by Adonai in Isaiah 27:1.
Operates through a curse (Psalm 119:21). Works with destruction (Proverbs 16:18).

LEWDNESS-lust, lustfulness, carnality, impurity, immodesty, debauchery, self-
indulgence, incontinence, sexual passion, abandon, obscenity, pornography.

LIBERTINE-sensualist, hedonist, epicurean, playboy, swinger, free lover, adulterer, fornicator, seducer, womanizer, whoremonger, pimp, gigolo, rapist, dirty old man, pervert, flasher, bed hopper, Casanova, Don Juan, wolf, goat,

LICENTIOUSNESS-debauchery, lewdness, nymphomania, concupiscence, lust, promiscuity, lawlessness, incontinence, unrestraint. assistant, aide, helper, deputy, second in command, right hand, group captain, squadron leader. (Satan has many demons that act as lieutenants under his command.)

LION-cat, vigor, master, intrepid warrior, tiger, wildcat, ferocity, fierceness, ferociousness, viciousness. (There are many lion-like spirits in the kingdom of darkness. All Sikhs have the name Singh, meaning “lion”—ruling spirit is often of a lion.) (See 1 Peter 5:8.)

LISTLESSNESS-idleness, passivity, dullness, slothfulness, lethargy, apathy, indifference, lukewarmness, laziness, inattentiveness.

LOINS-reproductive organs, strength, potency, virility, pride in sexual ability. Command spirits of lust to come out of the loins.

LONELINESS-isolation, alienation, withdrawal, depression, despair, discouragement, defeatism, dejection, hopelessness, suicide, death, insomnia, heaviness, disgust.

LUNACY-insanity, madness, neurosis, hysteria, delirium, mental illness, delusion, disorientation, paranoia, mania, psychosis, derangement.

LURK-sneak, lie low, hide, conceal oneself, lie in wait, tiptoe, prowl, ambush, creep, crouch (Psalm 10:10), stay hidden. (See Psalm 10:8.)

LUST-sexual (see sexual spirits), materialistic, greed, ravenousness, covetousness, avarice, appetite, ambition, grasping, longing, desire, passion, craving, abuse, adultery, burning passions, concupiscence, femininity (in males), masculinity (in females), frigidity, homosexuality, lesbianism, immorality, sexual impurity, uncleanness, lasciviousness, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, lust for power, lust for position, lust for money, masturbation, incest, rape, lewdness, prostitution, whoredom, sodomy, incubus, succubus, pornography, voyeurism, wandering eyes, perversion, fantasy.

LYING-hypocrisy, guile, double-dealing, dishonesty, perjury, misleading, falsehood, little white lies, big liar, deceit, exaggeration. lucifer/ jezebel / muse/ azazel spirits are able to lie.

LEGION (Christian demonology)- about 7,000 demons/ normally attached to cursed objects such as magic the gathering cards/ tarot cards/ ouija boards/ occult wood carvings. Appears to be situated in the chest area.

LECHIES (Slavic mythology)

LEONARD (Christian demonology)

LEYAK (Indonesian mythology)

LEMPO (Finnish mythology)

LERAJE/LERAIE (Christian demonology)

LEVIATHAN (according to certain interpretations of Jewish, Gnostic and Christian ) marine spirit (strongman spirit)– spirit of pride/ stubbornness/ double mindedness/ ignoring Yah’s will/ haughtiness/ feeling entitled/ claiming rights/ blaming Yah for bad things – causes neck, shoulder and upper back pain or a very stiff neck. Can also cause jaw to move involuntarily. Seeing dreams and visions of crocodiles and alligators, or whales. Be like Yeshua: humble, meek, gentle and quiet. Read Matthew 11:28-30 and James 4:6-10, humble ourselves and mourn.

LONLINESS- Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.

LILI/LILIN/LILIM (Jewish mythology)

LILITH (Akkadian mythology, Jewish folklore)

LJUBI (Albanian mythology)

LUCIFER (Christian theology)-Lucifer aka satan (strongman spirit)– self-centred/ self-reliance (Yeshua, I will rely on you)/ self-focus/ self will/ self pity/ self conscious/ narcissism/ some stare at self in the mirror for long periods/ philosophy, human & earthly wisdom (Yeshua, I will rely on your wisdom)/ antichrist/ lawlessness – causes sharp headaches and migraines or head pressure, can cause jaw to move involuntarily, creates alternate realities and lies to help you cope, paranoia of being followed, depression, seeing repeating numbers like 11:11, 666, 911 etc, seeing white orbs or balls of light, belief in alters, belief in morgellons and head moves slowly from side to side during deliverance or jaw moves involuntarily or body rocks back and forth. May get dreams of dragons, lions and cats. Lucifer is described in Isaiah 14:12-16 and Ezekiel 28:12-18. Renounce your own desires, reject all lies and choose to believe in truth instead, looking at mirrors and submit your will to Yah. Continually pray to ask Yah to take you out of you and put in Messiah Yeshua. Read Philippians 2:4-8. Think of others and be lowly and meek.

LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE (Christian demonology)

LUST- fornication/ porn/ masturbation/ sexual fantasies/ sexual perversions/ oral sex/ sodomy/ homosexuality/ being effeminate. Seeing dogs in dreams, especially dogs biting you. And also experiencing sleep paralysis. Please think of women as sisters and men as brothers, with all purity. 1 Timothy 5:1-2 KJV Rebuke not an elder, but intreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren; [2] The elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity. (see Abdomen) Lust can never be satisfied. It’s like the river flowing into the ocean. The ocean is never filled up. Read the book of Ecclesiastes. The eyes never get tired of looking. It’s a dead end. Please close that door in your mind and never open it again.


MACHIAVELLIAN-machiavelli (political expediency is placed above morals; works in government). Cunning, deception, deceit, dishonesty, double-dealing, trickery, intrigue, foxiness (Luke 13:32), Herodian, slyness, craftiness, wily, expedient, unscrupulous.

MADNESS-insanity, mania, mental illness, neurosis, caused by oppression (Ecclesiastes 7:7), by idolatry (Jeremiah 50:38), and by a curse (Deuteronomy 28:28).

MAGICK-white magic, black magic, sorcery, divination, incantation, black arts, voodoo, wizardry, abracadabra, hocus- pocus, trickery, illusion, spell, sorcery, wizardry, charm, enchantment, black arts, necromancy, conjuring, spell.

MALICE-hatred, animosity, hostility, anger, wrath, bitterness, unforgiveness, spite,
envy, jealousy, cruelty, murder, grudge, venom, ill will, vindictiveness, enmity, meanness, malignity, animosity, resentment, viciousness (Ephesians 4:31).

MAMMON-the god of money, idolatry (Matthew 6:24). Love of money, covetousness,
greed, corruption, filthy lucre, materialism.

MAMMOTH-huge, enormous, gigantic, hippopotamus, behemoth (Job 40:15
24), leviathan (Job 41), immense, monstrous, elephant, massive.

MANIPULATION-control, deception, deceit, lying, rejection.

MARAUDING-raiding, roving, plundering, pillaging, preying, looting.

MARITAL-divorce, separation, strife, division, Ahab or Jezebel (marriage-breaking
spirits), witchcraft militant, warlike, aggressive, Mcombative.

MARTIAL ARTS-karate, Kung Fu, Judo, and so on; violence, anger, murder, occult, witchcraft, lust (all kinds by name).

MASQUERADE-disguise, camouflage, pretense, imposter, deception, Mardi Gras, carnival, Halloween, mask.

MASTURBATION-self-gratification, self-abuse, self-defilement, fantasy, lust, pornography, Onan (Genesis 38:9), self-love.

MATRIARCHAL-female domination, Jezebel, control from mother, dominant wife, homosexuality, Ahab.

MAZE-labyrinth, puzzle, complex, perplexity, web, bewilderment.

MAZZAROTH-prognostication, constellations, twelve signs of the zodiac, astrology, horoscopes. (See Job 38:32.)

MEDICATION-addiction to medication, sorcery (Greek word: pharmakeia), mind-altering, sleepiness, drowsiness.

MELANCHOLY-dejection, despondency, depression, gloominess, sadness, sorrow, hopelessness, despair, defeatism, discouragement, heaviness (Isaiah 61:3), grief, sadness.

MEMORY-memory loss, flashback, memory recall, bad memories, hurtful memories, painful memories, blocked memories, trauma, denial, Alzheimer’s disease, past.

MENTAL ILLNESS- insanity, madness, confusion, mania, retardation, senility, schizophrenia, paranoia, hallucinations.


MIND-BINDING- Confusion, fear of man, fear of failure.

MIND CONTROL-octopus and squid spirits having tentacles; confusion, mental pressure, mental pain, migraine. Ask Adonai to sever the tentacles of mind control.

MIND IDOLATRY-intellectualism, rationalization, pride, ego, pride of knowledge, philosophical spirits.
MINION-subordinate, deputy, assistant, underling, inferior (lower-ranking spirits operating under lieutenants, captains, and rulers).

MISCARRIAGE-premature birth (operates through curses), abortion, failure.

MISCHIEF-trouble, misconduct, misbehavior, naughtiness; works with vanity (Psalm 10:7), boasting (Psalm 52:1), sorrow (Psalm 55:10), and witchcraft (Acts 13:8-10). (See Proverbs 4:16.)

MISERY-suffering, woe, evil, agony, torment, distress, anguish, unhappiness, calamity, sorrow. Works with destruction (Romans 3:16).

MOAB AND AMMON-incest, perversion (sons of Lot and his daughters through an incestuous union). (See Genesis 19.)

MOCKERY-ridicule, taunting, scorning, derision, disdain, contempt, disrespect.

MOLECH-idol to whom babies were sacrificed (Leviticus 18:2120:2-5). Abortion, child sacrifice, hatred of children, murder; name meaning “king,” “ruler.”

MOLESTATION-abuse, pain, hurt, rape, sodomy, incest, violation, offense, wound, bruise, torment, mistreatment, confusion, guilt, shame, bitterness, fear, anger, hated (of abuser), mind control.tyrant, dictator, despot, overlord, ruler, king (ruling spirits often identify themselves by titles such as monarch, ruler, and so on).

MONKEY-imp, little rascal, little devil, mischief- maker, troublemaker, fool, mime

MONSTER-.dragon, gargoyle, griffin, sea serpent, sea monster (Leviathan; Job 41), ghoul, phantom, ghost, giant, behemoth (Job 40:15-24), ape, gorilla, mammoth, hippopotamus, Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38), brute, incubus, succubus, horror, terror, panic, sudden fear, nightmare, Hydra, Gorgon, titan, werewolf, ogre, centaur
(many Greek mythological monsters are really demons), Chimera, zombie, vampire,

MOONSTRUCK-madness, insanity, lunacy, dazed, hysteria.

MURDER-hatred (1 John 3:15), homicide, bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, malice, spite, jealousy, revenge, retaliation.

MURMURING-complaining, whispering, bitterness, faultfinding, accusation, rebellion, lust, impatience, unbelief.

MUSIC-orpheus, Apollo, pride in musical ability. All forms (rock, jazz, blues, and so on). Pride, vanity, idolatry of music personalities, beat, rhythm.

MYSTICISM-occultism, esoterics, theosophy,

MARID (Islamic demonology)

MALPHAS (Christian demonology)

MAMMON (Christian mythology)

MARA (Buddhist mythology)

MARICHA (Hindu mythology)

MARAX/Morax/Foraii (Christian demonology)

MARCHOSIAS (Christian demonology)

MASTEMA (Jewish demonology)

MAZOKU (Japanese folklore)

MEPHISTOPHELES (Christian folklore, German folklore)

MEDUSA – molestation, incest, violation and oppression resulting in hate/distrust of men, father and authority figures/ self-hate and hate of others

MERIHEM (Christian demonology)

MOLOCH (Jewish, Pagan and Christian mythology, Scientology) aka Molech, Milcom,

MILKIM, MALCHAM, MALIK-national god/deity of the Ammonites, Chemosh to the moabites


MURMUR (Christian demonology)

MALICE – evil thoughts/revenge – Renounce vengeance and declare that vengeance belongs to Yah. Let go of all anger and bitterness

MIND CONTROL – comes from medication/ drugs/ hypnosis/ getting dominated by parents, partners, family or friends/ person can’t grow up normally and become a full adult – Renounce letting people control you, reduce and eliminate psych meds with medical advice then rebuke the spirit of mind control, the spirit of arrested development and fear of what other people think.

MUSE (strongman spirit)– enters from performances/ musicals/ acting/ singing/ celebrity worship/ listening to a lot of romance, rap or rock & roll music/ watching a lot of Disney cartoons & secular movies/ spirit repeats words during deliverance like “yes, yes, yes”/ screams loudly when being expelled/ very dramatic – delete and destroy music CDs etc, audition videos, performance videos, renounce past performances, self glorification and wanting to be star. (see affectation)


MURDER – anger/hate/revenge in the heart/ also linked with abortion and spirit of death


NARCISSIST-self-serving, selfishness, ego, conceit, Svanity, pride.

NATIONALISM-pride (of color, race, culture, heritage),isolation. Many countries have strong spirits of nationalism; fascism, Nazi, black power, white power, mother Russia, German pride, Irish pride, Slavic pride, Italian pride, and so on. Violence, terrorism, tribalism, ethnic purity, racism, prejudice.

NECROMANCY-magic, black magic, witchcraft, voodoo, conjuration, divination, wizardry.

NERVOUSNESS-tension, fear, anxiety, apprehension, restlessness, worry, distress, timidity.

NEST-habitation, dwelling, hiding place, den of iniquity, breeding place. Command
demons that are hiding in people to come out of their nests.

NET-trap, snare, web, pitfall, gin, spider web T(Isaiah 59:5), booby trap.

NETWORK-organization, order, system, maze, tangle, plan, structure, chain (demons
set up networks in regions and individuals).

NIGHTMARE-monster, incubus, succubus, phantasm, fear of night, fear of the dark, fear of nightmares, “terror by night” (Psalm 91:5), bad dreams.

NEGLECT-Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.

NEW AGE – causes kundalini/ aliens/ lucifer/ Beelzebub/ spirit guides/ opens chakras/


NAAMAH (Jewish mythology)

NABERIUS/CERBERE/NABERUS (Christian demonology)

NINURTA (Sumerian mythology, Akkadian mythology)

NAMTAR (Sumerian mythology)

NAR AS-SAMUM (Islamic folklore)



OBSCENITY-vulgarity, indecency, filthiness, shamelessness, vileness, licentiousness, immorality, uncleanness, lust, perversion, pornography, bestiality, wantonness, profanity, lewdness, promiscuity.

OBSESSION-domination, control, mania, passion, inordinate affection, preoccupation (with people, things, thoughts), fixation.

OBSTRUCTION-obstacle, hindrance, blockage, barrier, resistance, difficulty, block (many
spirits of blockage and obstruction including choking, closed doors, cut off, cut off at the source, gag, muzzle, shackle, bind, check, halt, bring to a standstill, and so on).

OCCULT-Secretive, hidden, mysterious. Includes witchcraft, sorcery, divination, ESP, hypnosis, fortune-telling, crystal ball, Ouija board, tarot cards, Freemasonry, martial arts, magic, seances, clairvoyance, mediums, psychics, readers, advisors, necromancy, handwriting analysis, astrology, yoga, metaphysical healing groups, hypnotism,
occult movies, occult programs, occult books, occult games, New Age movement, amulets, talismans, ankhs, yin yang, Eastern religions, transcendental meditation, familiar spirits, occult bondage, occult inheritance (opens the door for multiple curses of sickness, death, destruction, confusion), channeling, Santeria, Dungeons and Dragons.

OCTOPUS-mind control, mind binding, mental torment, migraine, headaches, octopus (spirits with tentacles).

OPPRESSION-heaviness, iron hand, iron fist, heavy hand, pressure, strain, burdens, heavy load, weights, torment, affliction.

ORION-great hunter, a mighty hunter, Nimrod, pride, name meaning “blooming,” “beautiful,” “strong”; confidence, impiety. (See Job 9:9.)

ORTHODOXY-conservatism, ultra-conservatism, fundamentalism, religious spirits, resistant to change, strictness, rigidness,inflexibility, unbending, unyielding, dogmatic, tradition.

OSTRICH-sticking one’s head in the sand. Hiding, withdrawal, fear, hardness of heart, lack of wisdom (Job 39:13-17), run and hide, escape.

OUTCAST-rejection, castaway, Ishmael, exile, vagabond, wanderer, rover, leper.

OWLS-idolatry, creatures of the night. (Ceramic owls and frogs have been known to attract demons into houses.)

ONI (Japanese folklore)

ONOSKELIS (Jewish mythology)

OPHAN-Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.

ORCUS (Roman mythology, later Christian demonology) Orias/Oriax (Christian demonology) Orobas (Christian demonology)

ORPHAN-Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.

OSE (Christian demonology)

Ördög (Hungarian mythology)

O Tokata (Indonesian mythology)

ORPHAN-Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.

OUTCAST-Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, unloved, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.


PAIN-tormenting spirits of pain including headaches, migraines, mental pain (caused by octopus spirit of mind control), stomach pain, arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, neck pain. Pain spirits can operate throughout the body, loins (Isaiah 21:3). Perpetual (Jeremiah 15:18), affliction (Psalm 25:18), hurt, painful memories, emotional

PALMISTRY-palm reading, fortune-telling, divination, occult.

PALSY-paralysis, atrophy, cerebral palsy, spirits operating in and controlling the spine.

PANTHER-Black cat, wild cat, tiger; wild, savage, fierce, ferocious, violent.

PARADOX-confusion, maze, puzzle, dilemma, perplexity.

PARALYSIS-very powerful spirit controlling the spine; disability, stroke, palsy, atrophy, depression, sadness, suicide, hopelessness, despair, crippling, paraplegic, lameness.

PARANOIA-fears, madness, mental illness, suspicion, mistrust, distrust, apprehensiveness, persecution, jealousy, envy, confrontation.

PARASITE-leech, sponge, begging, moocher, bloodsucker, dependency, control, manipulation.

PASSION-rage, blind rage, temper, fit, anger, fury, vehemence, lust.

PASSIVITY-listlessness, heaviness, slumber, stoicism, laissez-faire, laziness, slothfulness, mental dullness, lukewarmness, idleness, disinterest, funk, indifference, lethargy, withdrawal, escape, Ahab.

PERDITION-damnation, ruin, destruction, hell, abyss, reprobate, desolation.

PERFECTIONISM-pride, vanity, ego, frustration, criticism, judgment, irritability, intolerance, rigidity, exactness, fussiness, overcritical, schizophrenia, anger.

PERPLEXITY-confusion, paradox, maze, puzzle, bafflement.

PERSECUTION-unfairness, fear of judgment, condemnation, accusation, rejection,
paranoia, sensitiveness.

PERSISTENCE-linger, last, endure, continue. Conditions and problems that persist after prayer, Bible reading, praise, and so on are usually the result of curses and demons.

PERVERSION-perverse (Isaiah 19:14), crooked, deviation, misuse, sexual perversion, homosexuality, lesbianism, incest, religious perversion, false doctrine, heresy, witchcraft, pride, vanity, lust.

PESSIMISM-cynicism, doubt, unbelief, suspicion, hopelessness, discouragement, distrust, doom and gloom.

PHANTOM- Incubus, succubus, nightmare, delusion.

PHOBIA-all kinds; fear, irrational fear, horror, fright, panic, dread, apprehension.

PIG-gluttony, greed, self-indulgence, uncleanness, hog.

POISON-venom, snakebite, gall, wormwood, bitterness, unforgiveness, false teaching, false doctrine, heresy, toxic (friendships, relationships), malignant, ruinous, spite, slander, hurt.

POMPOUS-pride, arrogance, self-importance, haughtiness, self-exaltation, grand, showy, boasting, vanity, airs, pretense, self-applause, high-and-mighty, puffed up, stuck- up, uppity, overbearing.

PORNOGRAPHY-erotica, hard-core, X-rated (books, fantasy, lust, perversion (oral sex, anal sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, orgies, bisexuality), mind control, lewdness, lasciviousness (1 Peter 4:3), uncleanness (Ephesians 5:3), sensuality, carnality, whoredom, prostitution, voyeurism, lust of the eyes, masturbation, nudity, a marriage-
breaking spirit, curiosity, shame, guilt, condemnation, sexual impurity, defilement.

PREEMINENCE-pride, self-exaltation, iotrophes (3 John 9), superiority, dominance, control, competition, evil ambition, jealousy, envy, importance, prestige, rivalry.

PREJUDICE-bigotry, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, hatred of black people, hatred of white people, apartheid, white power, black power, racism, intolerance, bitterness, anger, accusation, bias, Jim Crow, narrow-mindedness, ignorance, pride of race, premature judgment, religious prejudice, cultural prejudice, racial
prejudice, rejection, self-rejection, fear.

PERSECUTION-unfairness, fear of judgment, fear of condemnation, fear of accusation, fear of reproof, sensitiveness.

POSSESSIVENESS-control, covetousness, schizophrenia, greed, envy, jealousy, insecurity, rejection.

PRIDE-leviathan (Job 41), arrogance, little pride (“Everybody has me”), hidden pride, hardness of heart, stubbornness, rebellion, rejection, anger, rage, pride of (knowledge, success, color, race, position, power, culture, religion, family name), vanity, ego, self-righteousness, haughtiness, importance, judging, arrogance, self-importance, self-conceit, self-love, self-exaltation, superiority.

PROFANITY-cursing, blasphemy, filthy conversation, perverse speech, pride, railing,
obscenity, impiety, irreverence, anger, bitterness, hatred.

PROMISCUITY-harlotry, whoredom (Hosea 5:4), sexual impurity, lewdness, looseness, lust, perversion, adultery, fornication, unclean-ness, wild, wanton.

PROSTITUTION-paphian, Aphrodite, whoredom, harlotry, Jezebel, pimping, abuse. Comes in through a curse, rape, and sexual abuse. Rejection, rebellion, hurt, drugs, alcohol.

PSYCHIATRY-psychology, spirits of Sigmund Freud, mind control, confusion.

PSYCHIC-psychic spirits of inheritance, ESP, spiritualism, clairvoyant, reader, adviser, occult.

PYTHON-divination (Acts 16:16-18). A large constrictor. (These spirits squeeze the life out of relationships, churches, and so on.)



PAIN – headache/migraine/sharp pains






PROCRASTINATION- works with avoidance

PROFANITIES – typically used by Jezebels

PYTHON – religious snake spirit – see snake spirits

PAIMON (Christian demonology)

PAZUZU (Babylonian demonology)

PELESIT (Indonesian and Malaysian mythology)

PHENEX (Christian demonology)

PENEMUE (Jewish and Christian mythology)

PITHIUS (Christian demonology)

POCONG (Indonesian & Malaysia mythology)

PONTIANAK (Indonesian and Malaysian mythology)

PRETA (Buddhist demonology)

PRUFLAS (Christian demonology)

PULOMAN (Hindu mythology)

PETH (French demonology



QUICK-TEMPERED-Temper, anger, rage, bitterness, sensitivity, fighting.


RACHEL-refusing comfort, grief (Matthew 2:18). Works with abortion aftermath.

RAGE-fury, anger, murder, wrath, passion, raving, blind rage, burning rage.

RAHAB-pride, a sea monster, name meaning “outrageous,” “violent,” “tumult,” “fierce,” “proud,” “vain,” “insolent” (Psalm 89:10Isaiah 51:9).

RAPE-assault, abuse, molestation, ravishment (Lamentations 5:11), defilement, hurt, bitterness, anger, murder, revenge, retaliation, hatred (of men or abuser), fear (of being raped or abused), torment, confusion, guilt, shame, memory recall, trauma, shock, abortion, suicide, insanity, breakdown. Opens the door for spirits of
harlotry, prostitution, frigidity, and whoredom to enter.

RATIONALIZATION-intellectualism, logic, analytical (hard time receiving the things of the Spirit), mind idolatry.

REBELLION-anti-submissiveness, self-will, selfishness, self-deception, self-
delusion, self-seduction, accusation, judgmental, pride, unteachable, suspicion,
distrust, persecution, confrontation, control, possessiveness, disobedience, stubbornness, witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23), sedition, defiance, hatred of authority, anger, hatred, violence, murder, resentment, unforgiveness, retaliation, memory recall, paranoia, bitterness (root of), hurt, rejection (opens the door for rebellion), nonconformity.

REJECTION-from mother, father, siblings; self-rejection; rejection from the womb. Hurt, deep hurt, wounded, bruised, low self-esteem, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, lust (a substitute for true love), fantasy lust, harlotry, pride (a compensating spirit for rejection), envy, jealousy, inferiority, insecurity, inadequacy, sadness, grief, sorrow, self-accusation, self-condemnation, depression, hopelessness, despair, despondency, striving, achievement, performance, competition, withdrawal, loneliness, independence, isolation, selfishness, criticism, covetousness, self-pity, possessiveness, perfectionism, outcast, castaway, black sheep. Rejection can open the door for a multitude of spirits, including rebellion, pride, bitterness, self-pity, escape, guilt, inferiority, insecurity, fear, hopelessness,fear of judgment, defensiveness, distrust, discouragement, disrespect, hardness, perfectionism, false compassion, false responsibility, material lust, sexual lust, perverseness, self-accusation, compulsive confession, self-promotion, attention- getting, control, withdrawn, fear of love, self-deception, suicide, unworthiness, shame, vanity, intolerance, frustration, impatience, unfairness, pouting, unreality, daydreaming, vivid imagination, self-awareness, timidity, shyness, sensitiveness, talkativeness, nervousness, tension, inordinate affection for animals.

RELAPSE-backsliding, lapse, regression, setback, apostasy, reversion, reversal, the skids,return, falling back.

RELIGIOUS-doctrinal obsession, denominationalism, legalism, conservatism, intolerance, dogmatic, tradition, religious prejudice,division, deception, control, mysticism, religious pride, imbalance, idolatry,sectarianism, heresy, false doctrine, error, confusion, unbelief, resistance to the truth, argumentativeness, cults (Jehovah’s
Witnesses, Christian Science, Mormonism, Theosophy, Scientology, Spiritualism, Eastern religions, Hinduism, Islam, Bahaism, Unity, Freemasonry). Hypocrisy, Pharisee, one true truth (Church of Christ), self-righteousness, holier-than-thou, false holiness, false tongues, false prophets, salvation by works, metaphysics, wolf, hireling, bondage, another Yeshua, another spirit, another gospel, angel of light, philosophy, itching ears, seducing spirits, doctrines of devils, orthodox (Greek, Russian, Eastern), icons. Praying to the saints, false baptism, salvation by baptism, rigid, strict, stern, exact, over-religious, guilt, condemnation, schismatic, apostasy, bigotry, fanaticism, papism, popery, eminence, preeminence, ceremonies, rites, mariolatry, relics, backsliding, skepticism, materialism, superstition, ceremonial, false priesthood, fear of losing salvation, fear of backsliding, formalism, fear of Yah, fear of hell, religiosity, judgment, seduction, intolerance.

RESENTMENT-bitterness, spite, revenge, retaliation, cruelty, anger, hatred, unforgiveness, offense, gall, wormwood, disgust, rage, murder, malice, jealousy, envy, suspicion, animosity, irritation, annoyance, indignation.

RESISTANCE-to the truth, the Word, Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit), salvation, deliverance, praise and worship, and prayer. Opposition, stubbornness, hardness of heart, obstinate, impediment, obstruction, fighting, arguing, debate, fear, hatred of the truth, hatred of Yah, Jannes and Jambres (2 Timothy 3:8), rebellion, disobedience, contention,
witchcraft, unbelief.

RESTLESSNESS-insomnia, roving, nervousness, worry, anxiety, tension, impatience.

RETARDATION- impediment, handicap, hindrance, obstruction.

RETALIATION-revenge, spite, bitterness, murder, self-vindication, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, counterattack, reprisal, satisfaction, anger, wrath, malice, rage.

REVENGE-spite, ill will, bitterness, animosity, venom, fury, wrath, violence, cruelty,
eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, vendetta, counterattack, malice, hurt, rejection,
wounded spirit.

RIGID-stiff, hard, inflexible, unyielding, firm, set in your ways, stubbornness, strict,
narrow-minded, prejudice, ironclad, harshness, resistance to change.

RUDENESS-disrespect, pride, arrogance, sharpness, ignorance, harshness.

RUTHLESSNESS-merciless, heartless, hardness of heart, unforgiveness, cruelty, cold-blooded, cutthroat, sternness, pitiless, harshness, pride, arrogance, tyrant, behemoth (Job40:15-24), control, domination, selfishness, viciousness, without feeling, bitterness, spite.

REBELLION – key trait of a Jezebel spirit




ROOT OF REJECTION-Grows from spirit rejection.

REJECTION – Can be from anyone but typically: parents/spouses/ friends/people we esteem. Works with spirits of forsaken, abandonment, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast away, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation.

RELIGIOUS  – experiences









SEXUAL FANTASY (Matt 5:28-30)

SATAN – see lucifer



SEXUAL– incubus, succubus from fornication/adultery/ molestation/ rape/ incest/ porn/ masturbation/ sexual fantasies/ sexual perversions/ sex dreams

SICKNESS – pestilence/ cardiac arrest/cancer/ diabetes/migraine/high blood pressure etc


SUICIDE– thoughts/attempts – Attracts spirits of death


RAHAB (Jewish folklore)

RAUM (Christian demonology)

RONOVOE (Christian demonology)

RUSALKA(Slavic mythology)

RAKSHASA (Hindu mythology)

RANHDA (Indonesian mythology)


SABOTAGE-treachery, subversion, treason, mischief, hurt, rebellion.

SACRILEGIOUS-profanity, obscenity, irreverence, heresy, infidel, impious, unholy, corruption, indecent.

SANCTIMONIOUS-self-righteousness, holier-than-thou, Pharisee, false piety, false holiness, hypocrisy.

SATAN-lucifer, Belial, Molech, Evil One, Wicked One, Serpent, Dragon, Red Dragon, Prince of Darkness, the Adversary, Archdemon, Asmodeus, Liar, Murderer, god of this world.

SATYR-goat, Libertine, debaucher, playboy, fornicator, seducer, Don Juan, stud, lady-killer, womanizer, Casanova, rapist, bed-hopper, gigolo.

SCAPEGOAT-victim, laughingstock, target, whipping boy.

SCHISM-division, sectarian, faction, heresy, contention, strife, denominational spirits, variance, pride, carnality.

SCHIZOPHRENIA-double-mindedness, instability, confusion (James 1:8), rooted in rejection. The schizophrenic’s personality (the real personality) has never developed, due to demonic interference. The demonic personalities of Rejection (inward) and Rebellion (outward) have taken over, causing a split personality.

Spirits operating under Rejection include lust, fantasy, perverseness, suicide, guilt,
pride, vanity, loneliness, fears, attention-seeking, inferiority, withdrawal, sensitivity,
frustration, impatience, inordinate affection for animals, self-rejection, envy,
despondency, despair, discouragement, hopelessness, unworthiness, and shame.
Spirits operating under Rebellion include accusation, selfishness, pride, hatred,
resentment, violence, disobedience, suspicion, distrust, persecution, self-will,
stubbornness, bitterness, anger, unteachableness, control, witchcraft,
possessiveness, unforgiveness, retaliation, self-deception.

SCORPION-torment; spirits of fear, death, poison, pain (Luke 10:19).

SEANCE-Endor (1 Samuel 28:7). Divination, witchcraft, necromancy, conjuration,
medium, familiar spirits, apparitions, ghosts, phantoms, occult.

SEA SERPENT Leviathan, Rahab, dragon.

SECT-division, pride, schism, carnality, false teaching, denominations, separation, cults, contention, Pharisee, Sadducee, bigotry, dogmatic, error, heresy, control.

SEDUCTION-Jezebel, Delilah.

SELFISHNESS-self-love, self-indulgence, egotism, narcissism, covetousness, stinginess, rejection.

SELF-LIFE-self-love, self-pity, self-destruction, self-rejection, self-hatred, self-righteousness,self-exaltation, self-promotion, self-will, self-indulgence, self-gratification, self-rule, self-esteem, self-made, self-deception, self-
delusion, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, self-consciousness, self-centered, self-torture,
selfishness, self-important, self-seeking, self-denial (me, myself, and I), vanity, ego.

SELF-WILL-rebellion, stubbornness, disobedience, Ranti-submissiveness, egotism.

SENSITIVENESS-self-awareness, fear of man, fear of disapproval, retaliation, oversensitiveness, hypersensitivity, touchiness, quick-tempered, easily hurt, rejection, deep hurt, anger, bitterness, impatience, excitability, susceptibility (to witchcraft, mind control, hurt, lust, pride), irascibility.

SENSUALITY-pleasure, love of pleasure, epicurean, gluttony, drunkenness.

SERPENT-python, constrictor, cobra, asp (Romans 3:13), viper, sea serpent, Leviathan, lust, deception, subtlety (2 Corinthians 11:3), cunning, slyness. (See Luke 10:19.)

SEXUAL-Sexual impurity, Paphian, Aphrodite.

SHAME-disgrace, dishonor, hurt, embarrassment, scandal, reproach, fear, guilt,

SHYNESS-rejection, self-consciousness, timidity, fear, hesitation, fear of rejection,
withdrawal, apprehension, nervousness, bashfulness, low self-esteem.

SICKNESS-infirmity (Luke 13:10-13), disease, malady, plague, cancer, arthritis (whole group of spirits under it  is, which means “inflammation,” including bronchitis, appendicitis, phlebitis, and so on), blood disease, bone disease, lung disease, heart disease, death, destruction, unforgiveness, bitterness, infection, virus, high blood
pressure, sugar diabetes, infirmities of all kinds by name. Chronic sicknesses and diseases are usually the result of curses of infirmity, death, and destruction.

SIEGE-blockade, cutting off at the source, shut in, surround, boxed in, cutting off supply lines, siege warfare, starvation, famine, hopelessness, discouragement, death, destruction, suicide, fear, confusion.

SLANDER-defamation, character assassination, accusation, cursing, libel, false report, lying, accuser of the brethren, malice, spite, bitterness, anger, hatred, evil speaking.

SLAVERY-bondage (Romans 8:15), servitude, captivity, subordination, control, domination, legalism, ignorance, fear, rejection, self-rejection, fear of rejection, hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, destruction, self-destruction, poverty, lack, debt. (Break curses of slavery over African-Americans.) Hatred of white/ black people, fear of white/black people, bitterness toward white/black people, slave-master, Ishmael (Galatians 4:22), rebellion, stubbornness, sorrow, sadness, despair, hopelessness, despondency, frustration, confusion, destruction of the family priesthood (curse on males), Ahab, Jezebel, rape, molestation, sexual impurity, abuse, vagabond,
wandering, plantation, slave mentality, failure, racism, prejudice, isolation, rage,
murder, addiction, alcoholism.

SLOTHFULNESS-sloth, laziness, slumber, idleness, lethargy, passivity, heaviness, sluggard.

SODOM AND GOMORRAH-perversion, homosexuality, burning, consuming with fire, secret intrigues, hidden wiles, covered conspiracy, overbearing, tyranny, oppression.

SOOTHSAYING-python, divination, false prophecy, Pastrology, horoscopes, psychic.

SORCERY-drugs (Greek word: pharmakeia), witchcraft, magic, occult, charms,
incantation, hypnotism, trance, spells.

SORROW-grief, sadness, hurt, anguish, weeping, crying, lamentation, heartache,
brokenhearted, despair, discouragement, loneliness, hopelessness.

SOUL TIES-ungodly soul ties, false friendship, witchcraft, control, manipulation,
deception, self-deception, blindness (spiritual), false love (formed through
fornication), adultery. Ungodly soul ties need to be broken and evil spirits need to be
cast out.

SPENDTHRIFT-wasting, squandering, addiction to spending money, mishandling money,debt, poverty.

SPIRITISM-Seance, spirit guide, necromancy.

SPITE-malice, animosity, cruelty, slander, resentment, hatred, anger, bitterness, gall, wormwood, envy, jealousy, hurt, unforgiveness, rejection, abuse.

SQUID-mind-control spirits with tentacles, causing confusion, mind binding,
mind racing, mental pain, migraine, and mental torment.

STEALING-kleptomania, theft, lying, covetousness, shoplifting, pickpocket.


STIFF-NECKED-stubbornness, obstinacy, rebellion, disobedience, pride, Leviathan (Job 41).

STINGINESS-covetousness, miser, selfishness, grudging (2 Corinthians 9:7), cheap.

STOICISM-apathy, unconcern, indifference, bound and blocked emotions, hurt, deep hurt, fear of showing emotion, hardness of heart, fear of giving and receiving love, inability to give and receive love.

STRESS-tension, worry, anxiety, mental breakdown, nervous breakdown, stroke,

STRIFE-contention, arguing, fighting, confusion, envy (James 3:16), discord, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, pride, competition, hatred.

STRONGHOLD-fortress, castle, bulwark, rampart, fortification, tower, citadel, bastion,
garrison, high things, pride, imaginations (2 Corinthians 10:4-5), arguments, reasonings,
disobedience, rebellion.

STRONGMAN-ruling spirit (Matthew 12:29); strongman of fear, rejection, rebellion,
lust, infirmity, witchcraft, and so on.

SUFFOCATION-choking, asphyxiation, death, strangulation, smothering.

SUICIDE-self-destruction, depression, gloominess, discouragement, death, kamikaze,
Russian roulette, murder, despondency, despair, hopelessness, death wish, insanity,
madness, confusion, rejection.

SUPERSTITION-witchcraft, delusion, deception, fear, omens, accidents, demons, ghosts,
fear of witchcraft, paranoia, idolatry.

SUSPICION-mistrust, fear, paranoia, accusation,

Serpent tongue



Stony heart


Self Sabotage

Sabnock (Christian demonology)

Saleos (Christian demonology)

Samael (Jewish and Gnostic mythology)

Salpsan (Christian demonology)

Satan (or Al-Shaytan) (Jewish, Christian, and Islamic demonology)

Scylla (Greek Mythology)

Set (Egyptian mythology)

Seir (Christian demonology)

Semyaza (Jewish mythology)

Shax/Chax (Christian demonology)

Shaitan (Jewish, Islamic demonology)

Shedim (Jewish folklore)

Silver (Buddhism demonology)

Sitri (Christian demonology)

Sthenno (Greek mythology)

Stihi (Albanian mythology)

Stolas/Solas (Christian demonology)

Suanggi (Indonesian mythology)

Succubus (Christian folklore)

Surgat (Christian demonology)

Sut (Islamic demonology)

Shinigami (Japanese mythology)

Shuten Doji (Japanese Mythology)


TALEBEARING-gossip, busybody, strife, slander, lying, envy, jealousy.

TALKATIVENESS-Schizophrenia, nervousness.

TAROT CARDS-Witchcraft, divination, occult.

TASKMASTER-slave driver, tyrant, despot, oppressor, Scruelty, abuse, control.

TEMPER-anger, rage, fury, wrath, fit, gall, wormwood, passion, irritation, annoyance.

TENSION-anxiety, stress, apprehension, fear, worry, fretfulness, heavy burdens,

TERMINATION-death, terminal illnesses, destruction, premature death, cancer.

THIRD EYE-Eye of Ra, witchcraft, second sight. A witchcraft spirit operating between the
eyes in the forehead area.

TIGER-violence, fierceness, fighting, savage, wild.

TIMIDITY-shyness, fear, withdrawal, rejection, fear of rejection, apprehension.

TRAGEDY-Calamity, catastrophe, trauma, shock, death, destruction.

TRANSVESTITE-Perversion, deviant, homosexuality, confusion, rebellion, rejection.

TRAUMA-shock, anguish, suffering, turmoil, accidents. (Traumatic experiences open
the door for spirits to enter, including fears, hurt, and bitterness.)

TRAVAIL-toil, hard labor, trouble, anguish, torment, pain, sorrow, failure,
frustration, despair, despondency, distress, pain, agony.

TREACHERY-Absalom (2 Samuel 15), betrayal, cruelty, hatred, rebellion, pride,

TROUBLE– affliction, oppression, burdens, adversity, misfortune, suffering,
distress, hard times, sorrow, grief, vexation.

TUMOR- Infirmity, cancer.

TYRANT-Dictator, control, domination, pride, behemoth (Job 40:15-24), overlord,
slave driver, taskmaster.


TORMENT – physical pain/can’t sleep/ paralysis/ feeling lost. Target the Jezebel and Lucifer spirits. If you are experiencing paralysis, target lust.

TRAUMA – spirits entering in from fearful incidents: molestation/ incest/ serious accidents/near death experiences/ traumatic surgery/ horror movies

TANNIN (Arabian, Cannanite, Christian, Phoenician, Jewish mythology)

EL TÍO (Folk Catholicism)

TENGU (Shinto)


TOYOL (Indonesian and Malaysian mythology)

TUCHULCHA (Etruscan mythology)



UNBELIEF-doubt, hardness of heart, rebellion, disobedience, fear, skepticism, distrust,
agnosticism, faithless, perverse, suspicion.

UNCLEANNESS– unclean (Luke 4:33), foul (Mark 9:25), impurity, sexual uncleanness,
immorality, filthiness, lewdness.

UKOBACH (Christian demonology)

UNLOVED-Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.


VAGABOND-wandering, roaming, nomad, vagrant, drifting, aimlessness, roving, poverty,
rejection, outcast, gypsy.

VANITY-Pride, ego, conceit, self-love, narcissism, self-importance, rejection, peacock,

VICTIM-Sufferer, pushover, scapegoat, doormat, Sabuse, rejection, prey, sitting duck.

VIOLENCE-Rage, anger, fury, revenge, retaliation, Rmurder, rejection, hatred, cruelty.

VOODOO-Sorcery, witchcraft, hoodoo, jinx, hex, vex, spell, incantation, conjuration,
occult, spiritism, fear of witchcraft.

VANITY – generally part of lucifer and jezebel spirits – narcissism/ focus on physical beauty/ popularity/ conceit

VALAC (Christian demonology)

VALEFAR/MALAPHAR/MALEPHAR (Christian demonology)

VANTH (Etruscan mythology)

VAPULA (Christian demonology)

VASSAGO (Christian demonology)

VEPAR (Christian demonology)

VINE (Christian demonology)




WALLS-divider, separation, isolation, partition (Ephesians 2:14), self-protection, self-
preservation, fear of rejection, fear of hurt, introvert, withdrawal, pride, demonic walls
of rejection, hurt, fear, and so on.

WANDERING-wanderers (Jeremiah 48:12), roaming, homeless, rejection, outcast, poverty. This spirit enters through the curse of the
vagabond (Psalm 109:10)

WARLOCK-Sorcerer, wizard, male witch, conjurer, magician, medicine man, soothsayer,
necromancer, diviner.

WHOREDOM– prostitution, lust, Jezebel, perversion, uncleanness, rejection, seduction, rape,molestation, pornography, uncleanness, carnality, nakedness, lasciviousness,
homosexuality, lesbianism, sodomy, idolatry, adultery, fornication, Gomer
(Hosea 1:2-3). (See Hosea 5:4.)

WILD-Ishmael (Genesis 16:11-12), rejection, anger, rebellion, untamed, violence, anti-
submissiveness, defiance, fighting, argumentative, stubbornness, self-rejection,
pride, unruly, disobedience.

WILL-spirits that control the will include lust, rebellion, stubbornness, self-will,
blocked and bound will, loss of willpower, no will to fight, resignation, hopelessness,
despair, and suicide.

WITHDRAWAL-Escape, isolation, introvert, rejection, fear, discouragement, passivity,
sleepiness, alcoholism, drug addiction, hopelessness, despair, daydreaming, fantasy.

WOLF-werewolf, carnivorous, ravenous; wolf in sheep’s clothing, false prophets,
teachers, and so on; greed, covetousness.

WORLDLINESS-spirit of the world (1 Corinthians 2:12), carnality, sensuality, greed, materialism, antichrist, unbelief, vanity, lust, pride, ambition.

WORRY-Anxiety, fear, dread, apprehension, timidity.

WRATH-anger, resentment, rage, bitterness, revenge, retaliation, murder,
unforgiveness, pride.

WECHUGE (Athabaskan mythology)

WENDIGO (Algonquin mythology)



WIDOW-Works with rejection, forsaken, “grieved in spirit” (Isaiah 54:6), deserted, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.


X-RATED-pornography, lewdness, nakedness, lust, perversion, whoredom, uncleanness,
sexual impurity, homosexuality, lesbianism, orgy, lasciviousness, filthiness, obscenity,
rebellion, disobedience, mischief, prostitution.


YOGA-occult, witchcraft, mind control,


XAPHAN (Christian demonology)


YEQON (Jewish mythology)


ZABANIYYA (Islamic folklore)

ZAGAN (Christian demonology)

ZEPAR (Christian demonology)

ZIMINIAR (Christian demonology folklore)

AZI DAHAKA/DAHAK (Zoroastrianism)

Holy Spirit
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